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If you create a Days of Poker account you get 50.000 coins to start, after that you can pick-up 5.000 coins every 30 days. You can increase your Payday by completing Missions and Badges.





Badge Queens

Badge Dreamers


The total amount of coins you collected with Payday so far.

Re-directs you to your personal Payday status.

Re-directs you to the Payday ranking.

Your level and ranking (here level 8, rank 4).

Count down to your next Payday.

Button to collect a percentage of your Payday instantly whenever you want.

A link to discover all Payday badges and missions.

Indication of how many missions accomplished already (number and percentage).

Amount of collected coins with Payday. The more coins you collect the higher your level will become.

Filter between one or more levels.

Current Payday amount.

Average collected Payday amount.

Amount of missions and badges accomplished. Also level indicated.

Progress of completion for the different badges in Payday.

Amount of missions completed in this badge.

Scroll between different available badges.

In the Dawn of the Queen badge all missions have the same goal: try and make different combinations with two or more Queen cards (in each mission another combination is shown).

Do this a pre-defined amount of times to successfully complete missions. Grey bulb means you still need to complete it, a green bulb means you have completed this mission.

In the Dreamers Delight badge all missions have the same goal: try and stay in FantasyLand multiple times in a row, as much as possible.

Grey is to be completed, green is completed.

In the Sit & Go Grinder you complete missions when you reach a certain amount of coins won in Sit & Go’s.