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Challenges are created to give that little extra when playing with your friends in the Days of Poker app. Be the first to reach +500 points in a serie of games between you and a friend. Predefine 1 or more gametypes, start up a game and the app will automatically start monitoring your progress. An extra prize on top for the winner of the challenge is also an option you must agree on before the start of the challenge.








Go to the profile page of your friend.

Start a chat with your friend.

Invite your friend for a re-match.

Here you can find the duration and the amount of hands from the last challenge.

An overview of the chosen game types for this challenge.

Some graphs and stats

A graph showing your progress against the progress of your friend/opponent. The view can be switched from last 10 hands to last 50, to last 100 or all hands.

The graph stops when you or your friend have reached 500 points or when the challenge was resigned by one or both players.

Graphs for the individual players separately.

The Hall of Fame is a ranking of players who won the most challenges on a monthly, yearly of all time basis. It’s always possible to use the calendar to look up a specific date.

Click on a player in the ranking to go to his or her profile page.

Next to the tab Hall of Fame you can find the tabs lobby and create new challenge.

Type the name of a friend who you would like to invite for a challenge.

Choose 1 or more game types for the challenge.

Click the next button to continue the challenge request and choose the stake.

Choose the prize (coins or real money) for the winner of the challenge.

Here you see an overview of the total cost of the challenge. A fix fee for the challenge and of course the cost of the choose prize.

Click the create button to send the challenge invitation to your friend.

In the lobby you can always find back a certain challenge (request) on a specific date by using the calendar option.

Challenges are displayed according status finished, active or pending (new) when the invite is still open.

Here you can remind or poke your opponent to continue playing the challenge.

This option enables you to cancel the challenge with or without mutual consent.

A timer of 168 hours (1 week) is there to make sure at least 1 turn is played to keep the challenge active. Beside this you get an instant overview of the points, the hands and the open games.

Which game types are selected for this challenge.

Follow the graphs and stats of this challenge.