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In 2016 we created the first version of the Days of Poker Open Face Chinese Poker app. Today we played over 5 million OFC Poker hands. If you like to play online poker, the Days of Poker app is an absolute must. Discover this challenging poker game and spice up your game. Days of Poker is fully available with play money, so don’t hesitate and try the app.

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Circus Red Fan Challenge

While we never craved more for a normal post-Corona era, there is finally some light at the end of this dark tunnel. At the same time summer is finally breaking through in our little country, making small thin...

Always Play Legally

Euro 2021 is about to start and for all who live on another planet – which we would perfectly understand in these Corona times – this is an event that makes half of Europe and probably the rest of ...

POPS Line Up

We bet you can find your specific poker taste anytime and anywhere online these days but during PokerStars new Pokahnights Online Poker Series we finished it all up with toppings and cookies. What’s not ...

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In our Days of Poker app we played over 5M hands. Download the candy and experience the best OFC action in the world.