Open Face Chinese Poker


This Belgian organisation is unique in its kind. In 2009 Pokahnights started organising live poker events in Belgium. The mission is clear: to offer fun projects in the poker scene for a broad audience. The team behind the scenes is working daily to shape different projects.

Right now, Pokahnights focusses on 3 different projects.

Circus Poker Club

The Pokahnights team runs the biggest live low-stakes poker club in Belgium, together with Ardent Group, a big international casino group. Circus Poker Club Antwerp is a unique location where every live poker player gets his unique poker experience. In this poker club the focus is not on the financial aspect, but on healty competition and coziness.

The club is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Everyone age 18 and above is welcome. You are free to choose from different membership formula, starting with a 1-day pass up until a 3-month membership.

Days Of Poker

Days of Poker is an extraordinary Open Face Chinese Poker app, initially invented by the team behind Pokahnights. In 2016 and 2017 Pokahnights made up and created the project. The next step was creating a separate corporation for Days of Poker. Pokahnights still focusses on the daily management of the app in a number of European countries: programming the events, communicating with and supporting of the app users.

Don’t hesitate in downloading the OFC app. Without a doubt, Days of Poker is the most attractive Open Face Chinese Poker app out there. Days of Poker is available for Android and iOs. Everybody can play completely free.

Sportify Poker [BETA]

The most recent Pokahnights project is Sportify Poker. With this project, Pokahnights wants to support live poker even more by treating it as a sport. We mean to start a competition with teams, managers and even sponsors. More than ever, poker should be acknowledged as a full-fledged branch of sport. According to our statistics there is only a minimal element of chance connected to poker, a chance that can be eliminated completely by practice and skill.

If you want more information about Pokahnights or if you want to collaborate with this organisation, do not hesitate in contacting them. All the info about Pokahnights can be found on the website.