Days of Poker

In 2015 Open Face Chinese Poker became popular in the Poker community. On a regular basis the team spotted OFC Poker, either live among friends, at the tables in the Club in Antwerp or online. Because we always stand behind fun initiatives for the community, we decided to develop our own app to Play OFC Pineapple Poker.

Play OFC Pineapple Poker

Soon we realised that there weren’t a lot of solid or supported apps available. That’s why we decided to start developing the Days of Poker app for iOs and Android. In the Summer of 2017 we released the first version. This one received a warm welcome from thousands of players. We got more than enough input to continue the Days of Poker project. Exactly 1 year later, in the Summer of 2018, Days of Poker 2.0 launched. In the second version a lot more attention went to the usability of the app. On top of that 5 extra OFC games got added in 4 different game formats.

Operator with B+ license

Behind the scenes a lot happened as well. Days of Poker became a part of the Ardent Group, a leading player in the international e-games sector with Belgian roots. Together we launched the first real-money version of the app in the Autumn of 2019. Days of Poker 3.0 was born.

The Days of Poker app is completely free to download. All functions are available with play money. Every poker player can use the Days of Poker app to Play OFC Pineapple Poker. Apart from the actual gameplay, there are a lot more extras to intensify your gaming experience: milestones, challenges, payday, missions and more.

Because Days of Poker stands 100% behind responsible gaming we are fully in accordance with Belgian legislation. Our project is validated by the Belgian gaming commission.