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This is the section where you manage your play money (Coins) and real money (Euro) bankrolls. You can track back every transaction you made, manage your actual funds and set limits.










The Euro Bankroll indicates how much real money you have available in your personal account to start new real money games. If the Euro Bankroll is not accessible yet you have to go to your Profile section and fill in your Identity and Location to see whether real money play is allowed in your country.

The Coins Bankroll indicates how much play money or coins you have available in your personal account to start new play money games.

Press the more info button to go to the info pages in the app for more info.

Here the actual amount of real money on your account is shown that is available for play or withdrawal.

Here the amount of real money is shown that is currently locked in your running games. You can’t use this money to start new games.

If you want to see how much real money is locked in which running game format, you get an overview right here.

All your real money transactions are available right here.

Follow this link if you want to make a deposit, a withdrawal or if you want to look up a statement from the past.

Manage your own limits right here.

Transactions are shown on a weekly basis unless you use this handy calendar function to scroll through an exact date.

All 7 types of transactions are clearly indicated in the title of the specific transaction including amount and date. The opponent and game format are also mentioned when necessary.

Use this practical filter to easily navigate through all 7 types of transactions.

Choose 1 or more types of transactions when you want to search more easily for certain statements.

When you want to deposit a certain amount of real money you always have the option to choose from 3 amounts that are pre-set in the app: in this case, 50 euro, 100 euros or 250 euros.

But it is always possible to deposit a random amount of real money that you can fill in yourself in the available number field.

The next step is to choose which payment method you are going to use. Choosing the Live Deposit method means you are making a live cash deposit at Circus Poker Club Antwerp (Belgium) and you will need to wait for admin to manually put the amount on your Days of Poker account within 3 working days.

Choosing the Hipay deposit method will redirect you automatically to your own Belgian banking application and after payment the amount will appear immediately on your Days of Poker account.

This information will appear on your bank statement after payment. It includes the merchant name, the order number and the amount (including possible transaction fee).

Fill in the required information fields like name card holder, card number and Hipay specific payment method.

Use the scroll filter to select the payment method of your desire.

Here the current weekly limit is shown.

Increase or decrease your weekly limit right here when desired.

Confirm the change by clicking this button. A timer of 24h will be set and displayed after which the new limit comes into practice.

When you want to make a withdrawal you will have to fill in your amount here. You can choose any amount but keep in mind that for amounts below €25 there is a transaction fee of 2%.

Fill in the bank account number to which you want to withdraw. You can also choose to remember this bank account number for future transactions.

You will have to fill in your password as an extra protection to make sure the right person is making the withdraw.

When everything is filled in correctly you use this button to confirm your action.

In statements you have an overview of all your deposits and withdrawals. Via the calendar on the right you can easily go to any date to check the bankroll transactions of that date.

If deposits or withdrawals are made in the selected period they will show here with the amount and timestamp of the transaction.