Days of Poker
Shark Cage Checkpoint 1

Shark Cage Checkpoint 1

Days of Poker
February 10, 2020

Next Thursday, November 13th 2020, we will start Shark Cage Checkpoint 1. Last week, the Days of Poker players had the opportunity to sign up for the first Shark Cage. In this concept starting OFC players and new players of the Days of Poker app get a personal mentor. They also receive €50 Bankroll to get to join the Shark Cage and get up to speed with OFC Poker and Days of Poker.

Read more details about the Shark Cage concept.

There are already 11 players registered, 10 already have an avatar. You can register until Wednesday. The blue name is the player, the pink name is the mentor.

CheckPoint € 0.01

The first round starts on Thursday. In this first round, all participants, the blue players, will compete against each other in a Normal Game with € 0.01 point value. Everyone plays against everyone. The player who has the least bankroll when all matches are finished and does not have enough bankroll to subscribe for the next round is out of the game. We will continue to do this until there are 8 players left and we can move to the next CheckPoint. You can read all updates about this CheckPoint below and on our Facebook page.

12th of February, 10h37 – The Matchmaking is done, de teams are set.
All participants will receive the game list and they have time until the end of next week to finish the games.
Good Luck all!

Use this link to stay tuned about the ranking!

20th of February, 10h15
–  The first Shark Cage week is over. The first round is still running as not everyone was able to finish the games. All players get time until Tuesday 25th of February to finish the first round.

Leaders – Loeloe, Fonne5555 & Kabouter
Danger Zone – Selonsb, Sir666, HapHazard

The next round will be a single match round, we will play Progressive Wild. So far everyone has enough bankroll to stay in the race. Let’s see how it turns out next week when all results are known.

February 25, 15h05 – First blood … the first round has been played. We say goodbye to Team Selo & coach Laurens. Selo has less than €30 in his bankroll, not enough to join the next round. Player Laurens wins the first round, he plays a nice €58.

In the second round we play 1 normal game Progressive Wild, the players have exactly 1 week to complete this match. On Tuesday 3 March we will know which player takes the lead and which player has to leave the battlefield.