Faëlorn Wild Heroes Slot review

Faëlorn Wild Heroes Slot review

February 20, 2020

Online slot machines are immensely popular. One of our favourite fruit machines is Faëlorn Wild Heroes Videoslot. The slot was created in 2019 by producer Gaming1. Earn multipliers, pick up bonuses and discover what the wild symbols do for you. Every slot has its own characteristics. We love to review the video slot Faëlorn Wild Heroes for you so that you know what to expect.

Look & Feel

The creators of the slot, Gaming1, call the game an adventure. They are certainly not wrong. Faëlorn Wild Heroes SpinQuest has a logo that stands out. Because of the use of colours it’s an attractive game to click through. The logo doesn’t tell us anything about the game. From the moment you open the slot you enter an experience.

The introduction to Faëlorn Wild Heroes takes you through the different areas in the game. Mysterious music and short fragments being played prompt curiosity. During the intro you get to know the eight characters. At the start of the game you have to pick one character to start playing with.

The general look & feel you get, even before actually playing the game, is really positive. The background sounds when you win or trigger a bonus are pleasant to hear and have a soft character.

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Slot details Faëlorn Wild Heroes

Faëlorn Wild Heroes is created by Gaming1. Gaming1 is situated in Malta. Faëlorn SpinQuest is far from a classic slot machine. You can start and stop whenever you want. When you want to continue, it’s possible to continue where you’ve left the previous time. You can collect points in order to buy free games. By completing daily quests you can collect those points.

  • Name slot: Faëlorn Wild Heroes SpinQuest
  • Provider: Gaming1
  • Number of win lines: 243
  • Minimum stake: € 0,10
  • Maximum stake: € 100
  • Variance: Gemiddeld
  • Jackpot: Yep!
  • RTP: 95.64%

In certain slot machines you can vary the amount of lines you want to play and your stake per line. In Faëlorn Wild Heroes that is not possible. You automatically play on all lines. Because of this it’s possible to win at 243 different ways. The slot has a jackpot. You can win the jackpot when you’ve finished with one of the eight characters. The jackpot amount depends on the stake you play at. The RTP percentage (Return To Player) or the percentage of (play) money that players get back is not unimportant. In Faëlorn the RTP is on the high side with over 95%.

Pay table

The payout table is based on stakes of € 1 per game. The minimum stake is € 0.10 and the maximum is € 100.


The positive impression lasts throughout the course of the game. The game starts with a landscape and on the left-hand side there’s a list of names. Out of these names you will choose a character to start off your adventures. There’s 8 characters in total to choose from.

8 characters

  • Gandore, the magician
  • Amatista, the wizard
  • Mysterious black knight
  • Diane, the warrior
  • Aras, the elf
  • Rosa, de bosnimf
  • Sköll, the barbarian
  • Captain Calavera

One little point of criticism: you have to choose a character without knowing anything. You don’t know which bonus games come with which character. This is something for you to find out later in the game.


Every day you start with a new quest. These quests are challenges that aren’t always easy to complete. A quest can be to spin a certain amount of special symbols. Upon completing a quest you receive coins. When you have collected enough coins you can exchange these in the shop for free spins for example.

For the first quest you complete you get 100 coins. The number of coins adds up when you become a more frequent player and you complete quests multiple days in a row.

Bonus features

Of course Faëlorn SpinQuest has some fun bonus features! When you spin 3 bonus symbols, no matter which line, a bonus game is triggered.

6 Bonus games

There are about 6 bonus games. A wheel will start spinning and stops on one of the bonuses. We will tell you a little about one of these bonus games so that you get the general hang of it. In “The Pub” you can draw cards. You keep drawing cards until you get a skull twice. On these cards are amounts that you can win, but also multipliers and vouchers for the shop.

The other bonus games are to be discovered by you in Faëlorn Wild Heroes!


For the real highrollers the creators have developed a function to activate the bonus even quicker. On the bottom you can see a “highroller” button. When you click the button, you get the option to pay € 20 or € 30. When you pay 20 euros (based on € 1 stakes), you play 5 games where you try to collect the bonus symbols. In this variation you have to collect 4 bonus symbols. The advantage in this bonus is that you don’t have to spin all these symbols at the same time. You have 5 games to collect these. When you pay 30 euros, you also play 5 games, but you only have to collect 3 bonus symbols.

Random bonus

The random bonus adds a factor of luck. This bonus can appear out of thin air at any point. You will recognize it by hearing the wind blow. This wind will blow a couple of symbols out of your field and will replace them by wild symbols. There’s not a minimum or maximum on the amount of symbols that is exchanged. You just have to get lucky in order to receive this random bonus. But when the bonus comes your way, you can be pretty much sure about your winnings!

Final verdict

Faëlorn Wild Heroes SpinQuest is a pleasant, fun slot machine. The slot is well-put together. We’re a fan of the options to “force” bonus games. In this slot you get the idea that you can be at the wheel of the game.

SpinQuest mixes with the gaming world. You can start and stop when you want and continue playing without losing any progress. Like this you can try to complete the game. For fans it’s interesting to keep playing, because the more you play, the further you’ll get and the higher your bonuses will be. Your competition is triggered.

Faëlorn SpinQuest will keep amusing you for a long time. Because you can play with 8 different characters and you get new quests, your curiosity will be stimulated.

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