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DoP Shark Cage Challenge

DoP Shark Cage Challenge

Days of Poker
February 4, 2020

If you are new to the Days of Poker app and perhaps not completely familiar with Open Face Chinese poker, the DoP Shark Cage is a unique opportunity for you to get the hang of the game. Every month we invite the new DoP players to participate in the DoP Shark Cage Challenge.

As a new player you can expect the following package:

  1. a personal mentor who will guide you through the Days of Poker app and the Days of Poker school
  2. one-to-one coaching from your mentor and a no-obligation group session in Circus Poker Club
  3. a € 50 Real Money bankroll to get you started

How does the DoP Shark Cage Challenge work?

In the preparatory phase of the DoP Shark Cage Challenge, the new Days of Poker players are invited to participate in the DoP Shark Cage Challenge. The first 16 players who wish to participate will be assigned a mentor. Mentors are players who have been playing the app for a while and know the ins and outs.

Please note that we will use the “first come, first serve” principle: the first 16 players who respond to the invitation are selected for the DoP Shark Cage.

Checkpoint € 0.01

In the first run all 16 players play an Open Face Chinese poker Normal Game against each other with a buy-in of € 0.01 per point, that are games of € 1 (progressive, 100 points) or € 2 (progressive wild, 200 points).

The player who has the least bankroll of his € 50 left and no longer has enough bankroll to pay for the buy-in of the next run, irrevocably drops out. He or she must leave the race. It goes without saying that you have nice new contacts, even when you need to leave in early stage of the Challenge.

We will continue to play with the other players until there are 8 players left in the DoP Shark Cage. Every odd run of a checkpoint is played non-wildly, every even run is played wildly when all players who are in game still have enough bankroll. If that is not the case, we will continue to play non-wild. The idea is for everyone to have sufficient opportunity to master OFC Poker.

Checkpoint € 0.05

If there are 8 players left in the Cage, we ensure that everyone has at least € 110 in his or her account. So if you are short and still manage to reach this Checkpoint, you will receive a nice extra bonus.

From now on games with a point value of € 0.05 will be played, that are games of € 5 (progressive non wild, 100 points) or € 10 (progressive wild, 200 points).

This Checkpoint is the same as the previous one, we play so many runs until we can go to the last 4 players. Keep in mind that a run can take a while, someone will only fall out of the race if this person has ended up at the last place in a run and does not have enough bankroll to pay for the next run.

Checkpoint € 0.10

Again we increase the pressure and the stakes in the DoP Shark Cage.
We double the point value and start playing games of € 10 (progressive) or € 20 (progressive wild).

No worries, if you get to the last 4 player and have less than € 160 in your account then we will ensure that this is topped up to € 160. Here runs are played to go to the last 2 players. As soon as we arrive here we will know the winners of the DoP Shark Cage Challenge. They only have to give the best of themselves one more time to win the DoP Shark Cage Challenge.

Checkpoint € 0.25

In this last Checkpoint, the finalists compete against each other. They open so many games of € 25 (progressive) and € 50 (progressive wild) against each other than the lowest player’s bankroll allows. Suppose one player still has a bankroll of € 200. In this case, 3 Wild games and 1 Non-Wild game can be opened.

When these games are finished, we know the winner of the DoP Shark Cage. The player with the most bankroll won in the Shark Cage sessions becomes the final boss. He or she may call himself the ruler of the Shark Cage for 1 month. The Mentor will of course also be put in the spotlight and we will draw up an evaluation questionnaire after this first session.

What’s there to win?

There is something to win for both the player and the mentor. The bankroll that you have earned is split 50/50 between the player and the mentor.

For example
Player x goes out in the 3rd run of the second checkpoint with € 20 left in his account. This means that he can keep € 10, the other € 10 goes to his mentor. Depending on how many accounts we have to top-up from one Checkpoint to another, there is around € 1,000 distributed among players and mentors.


These OFC toppers are ready to take you on the road in OFC Poker and the Days of Poker app. If you respond to the invitation, you can write down your 3 favourite mentors and we will take your wishes into account as much as possible. It is not excluded that you will get a mentor that is not in your list, here too we apply the “first come, first serve” principle. If it does not matter to you who your mentor is, you can also state that, that is always easy for us to put the puzzle.

Conditions to participate?

If you want to participate in the DoP Shark Cage, there are a few conditions that must be met:

  1. you must have a verified Days of Poker account
  2. you must have an active Facebook account because all communication will be done via Faceook. Both via the Days of Poker pages as the DoP Dineros group and one-to-one with the mentors.
  3. you must guarantee that the bankroll you receive via the DoP Shark Cage is only used for DoP Shark Cage. If you do not do this, your account will be closed and you will not be able to cash out anything.
  4. you need to learn OFC and play the different runs. After each match you have to send your mentor a screenshot of the result.
  5. We only have a few French-speaking mentors, all communication is in NL and EN, where possible in FR.
  6. you must provide a high-quality photo of yourself that we may use in the Days of Poker Blog and on our social media channels.
  7. In the event that multiple players are eligible to lose, the players who do not have the lowest bankroll may deposit into their own account until they can just pay for the run. Suppose the total buy-in for a next run is € 20 and you only have € 18, then you can top up with € 2 and still participate to walk to the next Checkpoint.

So what are you waiting for?

Be sure to check your mailbox and look forward to the DoP Shark Cage invitation. Do not forget to check your spam folder and do not hesitate to send us an email if you have not received anything and you believe that you are also eligible for the DoP Shark Cage program.

See you in the cage!

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