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As D’Or 2020

As D’Or 2020

Circus Poker
February 4, 2020

On the 14th of March 2020 Leandro Gaone, Cédric Bisciari and Michael Ahmetaj are joining forces with PROS (Poker Room of Spa) to award the prestigious As D’Or. The As D’Or is a tribute to the amateur poker players, the poker clubs and their representatives. National and international poker champs will be thanked for their commitment to the sport.

Who, what, where?

The As D’Or is back! On Saturday, March 14, Casino of Spa will transform into a great space where all pokerminded people are welcome for an award show and a tournament. At 1pm an invite-only tournament will start. You can only join in via one of the participating clubs. Each club has a certain amount of invitations. The clubs themselves can decide in which way they want to qualify players to come along. At 7pm a reception will take place. All players are invited for drinks & buffet. Around 8pm the award show starts. The show will be interrupted shortly for a magic show. Exciting!

Program As D’Or 2020:

  • 1pm – Start poker tournament
  • 7pm – Reception
  • 8pm – Award show part 1
  • 9pm – Magic show
  • 10pm – Award show part 2

The organizers behind As D’Or 2020

Cédric Bisciari, Michael Ahmetaj and Leandro Gaone are the three organisers behind the project. Cédric is the representative of Sun 7 Poker club. Next up is Michael, representative of Club PCDC. Last but not least is Leandro, he is the manager of PROS and representative of Poker Belgique.

With this project the gentlemen want to unite amateur players in the Belgian club poker scene. They organise a big party to celebrate Belgian club poker. Next to the fun tournament there will be an award show.

Poker clubs represent

Next to Pokahnights / Circus Poker Club Antwerp a lot of other poker clubs have confirmed that they will be present at March 14. On the attendee list: Herseaux place poker club, Tournai poker club, Sun 7 poker, Team PCDC, All In club Lessines, Poker Belgique, Poker club des Ardennes, Pokahnights en Casino de Namur (self-deal).

Other clubs are more than welcome to participate. You can always contact the organisation of As D’Or for more info.

10 awards As D’Or 2020

As D’Or hands out 10 awards. The organisation has chosen 10 categories. The participating poker clubs can also nominate one in each category. After they have shared their nominees, it’s time for the public to vote via the website of As D’Or. The public vote counts for 90%. On top there is a professional jury. Their vote counts for 10%.

Check out the website of As D’Or for all details!

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