Tag Team

January 28, 2020

In the past weekends the poker room Circus Poker Club Antwerp has always been full. Great to see that poker players are finding their way back to the club, even in 2020. On Friday, January 31st we organise a Special Tag Team tournament. Reserve your seat in advance, because full is full.

Team it up and event details

A Tag Team is a poker event where you participate as a duo. You both pay an event buy-in and are seated per 2 with 1 stack. The tourney is thus played 5-handed. You will receive a communal stack of 20.000 chips. Every 20 minutes the blind levels go up. Of course during a Tag Team tournament when you’re in a hand it’s forbidden to consult your teamie. Choose your teamie wisely to make sure you’re not going home with a fight.

  • Player 1: pre-flop
  • Player 2: post-flop
  • Player 1: turn
  • Player 2: river

If player 2 is the last to decide in a hand, player 1 decides pre-flop in the next hand.

Reserve your seat for a Tag Team

Tag Team tournaments are very popular. To shorten the waiting time at the desk, we would like to ask you to reserve your seats via mail. Mention your full name and the full name of your partner. We will subscribe you in the events and make sure that you already have a member card. When you don’t have one, we will prepare one for you so that it’s ready at the desk on the day of the event.

In the Pokahnights Facebook group we post updates about the amount of entries. If you’re having trouble finding a poker buddy, the Facebook group is a nice way to get in touch with other poker players.

The first two months of 2020 Circus Poker Club Antwerp hosts a bunch of nice poker formats.