Poker at Circus Poker Club Antwerp 2020

Poker at Circus Poker Club Antwerp 2020

December 20, 2019

Circus Poker Club Antwerp counts down to 2020. A new year, a brand new poker program. We will not deviate from our opening days: on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays our doors are open. Discover our poker calendar for Circus Poker Club Antwerp in 2020 right now.

KickOff 2020

As you know, right after the PokahChamp 2019 final, Circus Poker Club Antwerp enjoys a little break. This gives us time to recover from a turbulent year in club poker land. On Friday January 3d we’re back. We welcome you with a Freeze Out that starts at 8pm.

On Saturday January 4d 2020 the club organises a Million Madness. Ever since we started with the Million Madness events a couple of years ago we’ve seen its popularity grow. No wonder, because you start this tournament with 1 million chips. The structure is built so that the tournament can be played in one day. You don’t need to reserve your seat in advance. However, we appreciate it if you arrive in time because we’re expecting a lot of players that want to celebrate the new year with us!

Opening Weekend 3-4-5 January 2020

Friday January 3

  • Freeze Out – 8pm
  • Big Drop Qualifier – 10pm

Saturday January 4

  • Million Madness – 5pm
  • Big Drop Qualifier – 10pm

Sunday January 5

  • BigStack – 3pm
  • Deepstack – 6pm
  • Big Drop Qualifier – 9pm

The Big Drop Qualifiers

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we plan Qualifier tournaments for The Big Drop. The Big Shorty was ready for a name-change. In these Qualifier tournaments you compete for entry tickets for the Big Drop Finale from 21-23 February 2020. These tickets are worth 105 euros. All the collected prize money from the 21 Qualifiers is paid in that Final. We estimate that the prize pool will contain about 10.000 euros. In a Qualifier one out of 6 players wins a ticket for the Big Drop final. On Friday and Saturday the Big Drop Qualifier starts at 10pm with late registration until 11:30pm. On Sunday you can participate at 9pm with late registration until 10:30pm. The Qualifiers are played with 40.000 chips and blind levels last 10 minutes.

More info about The Big Drop

The Big Game

There’s a first time for everything. On Friday January 17th Circus Poker Club Antwerp organises its first “Big Game”. This will be on top of the regular program. The Big Game is a way to provide Days of Poker players a nice boost in their bankroll. In the Chinese Poker app Days of Poker Qualifiers will be hosted. These Qualifiers can get you a Big Game Pass, worth € 800, to play live at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. You can check out during any break. The amount of € 250 tickets you will receive depends on the amount of chips you’ve collected during your game. Those tickets can be used in Days of Poker tournaments and Sit & Go’s.

More info about The Big Game

Tag Team

The Tag Team tourneys are the most popular events we’ve ever organised at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. We try our best to organise an edition at least once every 2 months. We will play the first Tag Team edition of 2020 on January 31st.

You are seated with two players and just 1 stack. This means that you don’t have full control over what happens to your stack. Tag Team events are mostly played for fun. Participate with an open mindset.

More info about the first Tag Team tournament will follow at the beginning of January 2020. Then you can book your seat through e-mail.

The Big Drop Final 21-23 February 2020

In our club and online via Days of Poker there will be lots of qualification possibilities to win tickets for The Big Drop Final. From February 21st to February 23nd 2020 Circus Poker Club Antwerp opens for all ticket winners. We expect about 10.000 euros in that Final. The biggest part will be for the winner. In the past, he’s gone home with over 1.000 euros every time…

Other poker clubs join the game

We want to build a prize pool that’s as big as possible. This is why we are partnering with Days of Poker for online qualifiers. It would be nice if other poker clubs want to join the game as well. Are you a member of a poker club in Belgium or The Netherlands and are you interested in organising a Flight for The Big Drop? Contact the team.

Regular program

Next to the Specials on our program in January and February we also offer a regular program. We know our players like these poker events, so why change a winning team.

Freeze Out

Every Friday we start the poker weekend with our Freeze Out. The Freeze Out starts at 8pm and late registration is possible until 9:30pm. For your buy-in of 20 euros you receive a start stack of 20.000 chips. The blindlevels go up every 20 minutes. This structure is ideal to start of your Friday night right!


On Saturday and Sunday you can join the tables at 8pm (Saturday) and 6pm (Sunday) for a Deepstack tournament. There is always 2 hours of late registration. You start a Deepstack event with lots of chips: 50.000 for a start. The blindlevels are 15 minutes.

Warm-Up events

The Warm-Up events are ideal poker tournaments to start the day and prepare for the next event. You get 20.000 chips and there are fast levels of 10 minutes. This structure will get you in the mood for a top poker evening. We start at 5pm with late registration until 6:30pm. Even when you play heads-up in this Turbo you still get to play along in the next event that is planned for the day.


In the Bigstack you start off with a comfortable 30.000 chips. Because of the structure there is room for building your stack at ease. The blind levels last 20 minutes. Every Sunday we play a BigStack, with starting hours between 3pm and 6pm.

Full poker calendar of Circus Poker Club Antwerp

To get a full overview of our poker calendar in the club you can always go to the Pokahnights website.

If you have Google Calendar you can also add our poker calendar to your smartphone. You’re always up-to-date about our opening hours and what we play!

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