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Days of Poker
December 20, 2019

Be surprised by Days of Poker during the first Big Game at Circus Poker Club. Now that the release of the real money version of the Days of Poker app has happened, we want to stimulate the activity on all stakes. To push the high stakes a little we will organise a first edition of The Big Game on January 17th, 2020.

Play along and win a multitude of € 250 Days of Poker Tourney or SNG tickets!

How does The Big Game work?

In the Days of Poker app we will be organising different Big Game qualifiers in which you can win a Big Game Live Pass. This Pass has a value of € 800. Everyone that has won a pass can join the tables of the Big Game at Circus Poker Club in Antwerp.

The Big Game is an exclusive live poker session. Free drinks & finger food, live poker with a dealer and a live poker massage for the players that can use a little relaxation.

What are we playing?

The Big Game is held on January 17 2020 and will run between 8pm and 4am. All players receive 3 bullets of 50.000 chips that they can use whenever they want. During the Big Game we play Texas Hold’Em with blinds 200 chips / 500 chips. Every 2 hours there is a break. Every player has the possibility to leave the Big Game tournament during these breaks. It depends on the amount of chips he has collected how many € 250 Days of Poker tickets he will receive in exchange for these chips. Once you decide to leave the tournament you can’t return to the table.

What can you win in a Big Game?

In the Big Game you can only win Days of Poker tickets. Per 50.000 chips at the end of the evening you receive a € 250 ticket. When you would rather have smaller tickets you can always ask. The smallest ticket is a ticket of 25 euros. You will need at least 5.000 chips to win a ticket of 25 euros.

When 16 players are qualified for the first Big Game then there are 48 tickets of € 250 up for grabs. In other words: per player that wins a Pass we will add 3 tickets of € 250 in the prize pool.

How can you participate in The Big Game?

Starting in January 2020 we will organise daily qualifiers in the app. Check out the Days of Poker Events calendar and subscribe for one of the qualifiers. Qualifiers start at € 22 buy-in. Don’t forget you can also join a Step for less than € 5 to win a € 22 ticket.

If you know how to play and if you play clever you can win a Big Game Pass worth € 800 for as little as € 2,20.

Rules The Big Game 2020

  • Only players that have won a Big Game Pass in the Days of Poker app can participate. It is not possible nor allowed to buy a Big Game Pass. Some things in life are not for sale.
  • You’ve got to have a valid Real Money Days of Poker account in order to participate in the qualifiers. At this point in time only Belgian players that are 21+ can join.
  • You can only win Days of Poker tickets in The Big Game. Won tickets cannot be exchanged for money. These tickets can only be used to participate in Events and SNG’s in the Days of Poker app.
  • If you decide to stop playing in The Big Game then you cannot restart. Your chips will be exchanged for tickets.

The Big 3 – Game, Drop, Deal

The Big Deal is in connection with 2 other poker series. It’s an interplay between Days of Poker and Pokahnights / Circus Poker Club. Big Deal is situated purely in Days of Poker. Big Game and Big Drop is a collaboration between the live poker club and the Chinese poker app.

The Big Drop

We’ve renamed the Big Shorty series. We’re going for The Big Drop as the new name that covers the load. Big Shorty was an immensely popular format in the live poker club. In The Big Drop we organise 21 live qualifiers and a whole bunch of online qualifiers where the winners will all go towards a big Big Drop final. The live and online qualifiers start in January 2020. At the end of February the Big Drop final is played live in Circus Poker Club Antwerp. We estimate that the prize pool of the final will be over € 10.000. However, we’ve always had to adjust the prize pool in the past, because we’ve always estimated the final prize pool too low… So hopefully this time we’ll crush the estimated prizepool as well!

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The Big Deal

Starting in January 2020 Days of Poker guarantees at least € 250 every Tuesday. Join the online events of The Big Deal to take home some sweet cash. The more players participate, the higher the guaranteed prize pool will be in the next week. The prize pool will be spiced up with € 250 on top. We go up to 1.000 euros in the prize pool. When we reach 3x 100 players in a row in The Big Deal events, Days of Poker will organise a nice closing event with no less than € 2.500 guaranteed. That’s a sweet deal, don’t you think? Whenever there are less players than the GTD, € 250 will disappear out of the prize pool (with a minimum of 250 euros guaranteed). The more, the merrier, in this case!

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The Big Deal - guaranteed prize pools in Chinese poker app

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