Days of Poker
Combo Challenge with Bounties

Combo Challenge with Bounties

Days of Poker
January 27, 2020

The try-out of our Combo Challenge was a success. Nice! Time for a second edition. In the Combo Challenges we combine OFC Poker with Texas Hold’em. Players subscribe for a Chinese Poker event in the app and as an extra they have to compete in a free Texas Hold’em Live Event… At the same time! On February 16th, we will add Bounties in the mix.

Second edition Combo Challenge

Date and registration

On Sunday, February 16th, at 3pm we start with the live Texas Hold’em event at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. Be there a bit early so we can make sure that your subscription is ok. There is a possibility to register later, until the first break. After the first break the tournament in the Days of Poker app will start as well. Make sure you are subscribed in the app!


The buy-in will be € 100 + € 9. This buy-in is paid in Days of Poker. The live Texas Hold’em event is free.


You have to be at least 21 years of age. On top of that, you need to have an active and valid Days of Poker account.

Game types

In the Chinese Poker app

We play a Regular Open Face Chinese Poker event. Players will finish 3 boxes in heads-up format. The player that wins 2 (or all three) out of 3 boxes, moves on to the next round. The rounds are played until only 1 player remains. We have our winner!

Live at Circus Poker Club Antwerp

The Freeroll Texas Hold’em that is played live will start with 30.000 chips and blindlevels of 20 minutes.

Payout Combo Challenge

The winners are rewarded with an even number of Days of Poker SNG tickets with a value of € 25. You get an even amount of tickets so that you can always use these any time you want. Tickets can easily be transferred to other Days of Poker players. No waiting times, instant fun!

Players who wish to do so can exchange their tickets for tickets with other values. For example: when you receive 20 tickets with a value of € 25, you can choose to transform these tickets in 2 tickets of € 250 or 100 tickets of € 5. We want all players to be able to choose for themselves how they want to continue their Days of Poker career.

Payout OFC Regular events

In the € 100 + € 9 Combo Challenge event the winner (T1) and the runner-up (T2) receive a € 25 Ticket

Payout Texas Hold’Em Live event

All the prize money is divided in € 25 Days of Poker SNG Tickets. The prize pool is split among the 10% best players of the tournament.


Team Days of Poker will also be attending the Combo Challenge. To spice up the game there’ll be a bounty on every team member. If you can bust a player in the Live Texas Hold’em event then you’ll take home at least 50 euros.

Ahh, what’s a bit of extra pressure on Wim, Esmée, Glenn and Lovely’s shoulders… They can handle the pressure!

Days of Poker account

Not a Days of Poker account yet?

You can simply create an account by downloading the Days of Poker app on your smartphone. The app is found in the Google Play and Apple App Store. If you can’t manage to create an account, no worries. Our crew at Circus Poker Club Antwerp would love to support you.

To activate your account you’ll receive an e-mail. Open this via your smartphone. Like this, the link in the e-mail will redirect you to the app so you can start playing immediately.

Do you have a Days of Poker account already?

Super! Subscribe for the Combo Challenge in the app. You can find the tournament through the Events calendar. You can’t participate if you’re not subscribed when the tournament starts.

Verified Days of Poker account?

Yup, for real money play your Days of Poker account needs to be verified. You’ll have to complete your profile in the app. Make sure to do that correctly so the Days of Poker team can verify your account.

How to create a Days of Poker account

Make an online deposit on your poker account


Go to the lesson package for Chinese Poker