Shoot Out Shorty

Shoot Out Shorty

July 14, 2020

Poker tournaments in the near future will differ a lot from normal tournaments before. Pokahnights used to oranise multi-table events with 135 players or more, and during events reseating between tables was standard. In the Shoot Out Shorty format now that no longer will be possible and we play with less players. Pokahnights is keen on providing 100% Corona-proof poker tournaments.

In this article we focus on the new Shoot Out format that we play on every Wednesday, Thursday en Friday. With the final day on Saturday. A total of 4 finals are scheduled, after which the Shoot Out concept will disappear again, hoping that Covid-19 will be less so regular events can come back.

Finals: July 18, 2020, July 25, 2020, August 8, and August 29. Make sure you have used your ticket, in september 2020 your ticket will be useless.

Sundays we unleash the separate one-day-only Shoot Out Sunday concept.

> More info about the Shoot Out Sunday.

What is a Shoot Out format?

In the Back to the Felt article you can read up about all safety measurement the club has taken to stop the spreading of the Corona virus. With all government directives in mind we have come up with a nice format to allow players enjoying some decent poker tournaments in a safe environment.

  • players stay at one table, so no reseating allowed
  • every table is in fact a mini-event amid a bigger one
  • the winner of each table gets to play a next or final round. This can be the next day or any other day.

This is our way of creating a “bubbel” per table.

    Tournament format Shoot Out Shorty

    Round 1 – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

    So three days are reserved to try and survive the first round of the Shoot Out Shorty. We are offering 4 playing windows, 4 “runs”, per event day. Every run takes up to max 3 hours. There is also a turbo version with faster levels with a max duration of 2 hours.

    Runs start at 14h, 17h, 20h and 23h (Turbo). The room closes at 1 am. Per run there is a max of 7 tables with 7 players each. The first few weeks we only schedule a run of 7 tables on Friday evening at 20h. All other runs will have 3 or 4 tables open. We will evaluate the system in August considering everything runs smooth and balanced. But in July and August you will never see more than 49 players in total in the room at the same time.

    The winner of each table gets a round 2 ticket worth € 105. It’s not a cashable ticket and can only be used for a second round organised on Saturdays. When a table reaches 7 players at one time we grand the runner-up of the table with a nice Pokah Wonkah deck of cards. The winner can use the ticket on any Saturday he wishes (round 2) when pre-registering like for round 1. Tickets are transferrable between players/friends but in order to play this player/friend also has to pre-register and have a club member card.

    Mandatory online registration and buy-in

    If you want to play you just have to create a Pokahnights account, everything else can be arranged in the room (membership card, buy-in, drinks). You can do this on the website of Pokahnights.

    In short

    • Round 1: Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
    • 4 runs: 14h, 17h, 20h and 23h
    • 7 players per table,  max 49 players in total
    • Pre-registrations www.pokahnights.com
    • Buy-in: 20 euro
    • Stack: 10.000 chips
    • Levels: 15 minutes

    Round 2 & final on Saturday

    Round 2 is always played on Saturday at 14h. Only players in possession of a ticket are allowed to pre-register. Again max. 7 tables and max. 7 players per table. Round 2 is always finished before 19h.

    Winners of the table in round 2 advance to the  final round of the Shoot Out Shorty, yes that’s right, that will be max. 7 players! The final table. The runner-ups of the tables go to a smaller final consisting of again… 7 players. Both finals start at 20h and 70% of the collected prize pool (round 1) will be used to reward the big final, 30% goes to the smaller final. These percentages are average number because we aim for round figures for our payout system.

    When less than 30 players show up for a round 2 we will only work up to a big final, and no small final. So all the prize money goes to that 1 final.

    When the 2 finals are in play, we will start up an additional run at 21h that actually counts as a new round 1 run for the next week. This time with max. 5 tables because with the two final tables at play we don’t want more than 49 players at the same time in our room.

    Finals: July 18, 2020, July 25, 2020, August 8, and August 29. Make sure you have used your ticket, in september 2020 your ticket will be useless.

    In short on Saturday

    • Round 2: start 14h – ticket winners only
    • Final: start 20h
    • Stack: 30.000 chips
    • Levels: 20 minutes
    • Max 7 players per table

    Check the tournament calendar on your phone

    Circus Poker Club uses the handy Google Calendar that’s easy to integrate with your own agenda on your phone. Click here to view and integrate the calendar.