Pokah Wonkah

Pokah Wonkah

May 8, 2020

The Pokahnights thinking tank has had a lot of time lately to discuss new concepts. Behind closed doors, we are preparing an international live multi-day poker event in true Willy Wonka style. We are unleashing the Pokah Wonkah concept. We design fun card decks that you can collect and play with at home. On top of that you get a chance of playing along with a unique poker event. In short: buy your deck of cards and get a chance to win your golden ticket to participate in a unique poker event!

Learn more about Willy Wonka right here.

Poker Rampage

On March 12th 2021, exactly 1 year after lockdown, we are organising a mega Poker Rampage poker event. This event will include multiple international starting days and a guaranteed prize pool of € 5.000. This event is not open to public, your only way to participating is by finding your Golden ticket inside our Pokah Wonkah decks.

How does this work?

Pokah Wonkah has designed fun card decks. Inside these decks there are hidden Golden tickets. When you buy your card deck, check out if your Golden ticket is inside. If not, no worries. Pokah Wonkah offers a full collection of decks with different designs. Complete your deck collection for more chances.

The more cards Pokah Wonkah sells, the bigger the prize pool will get! We will sell all around the globe in order to reach as much players and supporters as possible. Of course, our cards are not limited to poker players. Everyone who is interested in playing cards with a fun designed card deck can buy a card deck to support the project.

If you want to find out exactly how the Pokah Wonkah concept works, please make sure you read this article.

Event details

For tournament details it’s a bit soon, we are talking to several partners as we speak, but here you can already find the general idea for the Poker Rampage event.

Collaboration with Cartamundi

There’s good news, and then there’s even better news. The Pokahnights team is always full of inspiration. Coming up with new ideas and fun designs is no issue. However, finding a partner to make sure that the card designs will look as sharp as possible was no easy task. We are therefore very proud to announce our collaboration with Cartamundi. Cartamundi is the biggest worldwide producer of playing cards and board games, and its roots lie in the heart of the Flemish “Kempen”. We believe Cartamundi is the best possible partner for our Pokah Wonkah concept. They were immediately on board with the idea of creating unique 100% plastic poker cards. The company will make sure that our playing decks are of an excellent quality.

Check out what Cartamundi has to offer.

    The first deck collection: Playing Pearl

    The first four decks of the first collection, Playing Pearl, are released. We’ve let the Pokahnights community decide about the colors and design of this first collection. The result can be viewed below. The Playing Pearl collection consists of 4 different designs: Warm Black, Mulberry Wood, Thatch Green and Bronzetone.

    If you don’t wanna miss out on the votes for the next collection, be sure to become a member of our Pokahnights Facebook group.

    Whether you’re a professional poker venue in search for some high quality and certified limited edition 100% plastic poker cards, or just a live poker supporter willing to help us through these challenging time, we will have something nice for the both of you. Even for non-poker players, card players that enjoy other sorts of card games, the Pokah Wonkah decks add a unique touch to your game.

    Claim your first Pokah Wonkah card deck right here.

    We will be back

    We don’t know when yet, but of course we will be back. To stay up to date about the latest info concerning the reopening of the club, check out our blog. See you soon!