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Crazy Eight & Lowriders Challenge

Crazy Eight & Lowriders Challenge

Days of Poker
May 4, 2020

Wild cards increasen the fun in your OFC poker game. The introduction of in-app tournaments including jokers were inescapable. Starting in June: our Crazy Eight tournaments and the Lowriders Challenge. What are you waiting for? Hurry to the app to subscribe!

The Crazy Eight

For the first time we introduce jokers in our events. The Crazy Eight events is where you need to be. We play Progressive OFC using the 2’s as jokers. Whenever a 2 appears in your hand, you can put it on whatever line. The game makes the best possible combination automatically. On top of that, in Progressive OFC you can earn extra cards for your Fantasyland. The higher your pair on the top line, the more cards you get in your Fantasyland. When you can put a Three of a Kind on top you’ll start with no less than 17 cards.

To make sure the events don’t last an eternity the cap is at 8 players. Since we’re working with wild cards, rounds will last longer (because you have a better shot at reaching Fantasyland and staying in Fantasyland multiple times in a row).

In short: the Crazy Eight tournaments are not for wussies. You better get ready!

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Crazy Eight tournament details

  • 4x a week
  • Start at 8.30pm
  • Game format: Progressive OFC with wildcards
  • Cap 8 players
  • Buy-in € 8,80

Lowriders Challenge

The Low variation of Open Face Chinese poker is underestimated in our opinion. Time to make a change. In the upcoming weeks we highlight our fun Low format. A tournament dedicated to 2/7 Low!

The best possible combination in OFC Low is 2-3-4-5-7 on your mid line. On top of that these cards cannot be of the same suit. If you can put down 2-3-4-5-7 off-suit you’re immediately qualified for Fantasyland. If you’re a real pro and even manage to put a pair of Queens or better on top, you’ll get an extra card in your Fantasyland.

Not yet familiar with the characteristics of OFC Low? Try it out. See you in our app!

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Lowriders tournament details

  • 3x a week
  • Start at 8.30pm
  • Game format: Low 2/7 OFC
  • Cap 32 players
  • Buy-in € 2,70


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