6Max Live Poker Events
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6Max Live Poker Events

July 22, 2020

The first week after the reopening of our club was a success. Huge thanks to all of the players and the entire team to follow-up the guidelines and rules. In these uncertain times we all have to try our best to stick with the rules.

After this first week we’ve evaluated the tournament types and we feel like the following adjustments are a certain step in the direction towards a normalized live poker game.

6Max Live Poker Events

The poker team noticed that everyone is sticking to the rules: there are no exceptions when it comes to mouth masks and everybody washes his hands regularly. On top of that the rotation system for chips and cards is a winner. This past weekend we’ve played 2 6Max try-out events, both were fun to play. Based on our experiences starting from July 22nd we start with 6Max Live Poker events.

on evenings from Wednesday until Sunday
Every day at 8pm we start a 6Max with late registration until 9pm. We will start at 8 o’clock sharp. From 0.30am an ICM deal will be made so that there is a fair pay-out for everyone still in game.

on afternoons in the weekend
On Saturday and Sunday we host a 6Max event at 2pm, once again with a late registration of one hour, until 3pm that is.

On the evening tournaments the 6Max starts with 30.000 chips and the levels last 15 minutes. In the afternoons the event starts with 50.000 chips and levels of 20 minutes.

Capacity and registration?
Every event there is a maximum of 49 players allowed. You don’t need to make a reservation of your seat in advance, we have plenty of space. However, please make sure that you create your Pokahnights account in advance. This way we have the needed information of you beforehand. Create your Pokahnights account here.

In conclusion: when you want to play you are more than welcome from Wednesday until Sunday.

Shoot Out Events

The Shoot Out on Sunday is replaced with the 6Max events, at 2pm and at 8pm. The Shoot Out Shorty will remain as a side event. The only adaption here is that there will no longer be weekly finales. The finals are now on July 25, August 9 and August 29. From September there will be no more Shoot Out Shorty events.

How does it work?
Every time that there are 6 players in the room that want to do a run in the Shoot Out Shorty an event can be started. In the week from 22 until 25 July the room will be open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2pm. Starting from 27 July the room will be open from 7.30pm on week days. In the weekend the room remains open between 1.30pm and 1am.

Read all details about the Shoot Out Shorty.

Practical flexibilisations

Let’s make it clear: all hygienic rules still apply. We don’t allow any adaptations here. Everything we have clarified in the Back to The Felt article is still in power.

The registration will be a little easier. Players no longer have to reserve their tickets in advance. We have noticed that for some players this is a dealbreaker. On top of that, there was always a great spread in the amount of players. There were never more than 49 players at once in the room. The maximum of last week is 42, that is within our rules.

It is still mandatory to have a Pokahnights account. This way the Pokahnights team has your recent and up-to-date information, in case a contact tracer is asking us for your data. Create your Pokahnights account, it only takes a minute & it’s free. Thanks.

Check the Pokahnights calender via the Pokahnights website or directly via Google Calendar.