Live Poker Pokahnights Classics

Live Poker Pokahnights Classics

September 2, 2020

These are extraordinary times. After our reopening mid July 2020 we had to close down the club in Antwerp after two weeks. The Shoot Out Shorty and 6-Max events only lasted a short amount of time. Last week we heard that we can reopen the doors of Circus Poker Club in Antwerp for live poker Pokahnights Classics. See you at our tables!


 Which live poker Pokahnights Classics do we offer?

Circus Poker Club Antwerp has decided to only offer our most valued events. Plus we want to simplify our poker program, so that there’s no misinterpretation possible. We only open our club on Friday and Saturday with an offer of 3 different 8-Max events.


Whenever we deem it possible to organise a Deepstack, we won’t hesitate. A Deepstack is the most fun with lots and lots of chips to start and nice long blind levels. Starting with 50.000 chips and 25 minute levels seems like the deepest format possible when we keep in mind that we will close our doors at 1 am.

Stack: 50.000 chips – Levels: 25 minutes – BuyIn: 20 euro – Day: Saturday – Registration: between 4-6.30pm

Freeze Out

On top of the Deepstack we have our classic Freeze Out events. Freeze Out events have been going around the Pokahnights rooms ever since the beginning. We’ve perfected this format in detail to make sure it’s the nicest tournament to play on any evening. Very suitable for an evening full of fun with a stack of 30K and blind levels of 15 minutes.

Stack: 30.000 chips – Levels: 15 minutes – BuyIn: 20 euro – Day: Friday & Saturday – Registration: between 7-9pm on Friday and between 8-9.30pm on Saturday

Hyper Run

To top it off we have a quick snack on Fridays and Saturdays with our Hyper Run. When you feel like it, join in on the Hyper fun with 25K chips and levels of 10 minutes. Have fun, join us at the tables and take home the win in a couple of hours of poker fun.

Stack: 25.000 chips – Levels: 10 minutes – BuyIn: 20 euro – Day: Friday & Saturday – Registration: between 9.30-10.30pm on Friday & between 10-11pm on Saturday

With these 3 events we offer a varied program for every live poker player.

Practical information

We have prepared everything in advance – since we already opened briefly in July. Check out the Back to the Felt article with all info and measurements we took in regards to the corona pandemic. In the room itself we have made everything clear using info-clips on screens and stickers. In short, we provide you with the most important information:

  • The known corona measurements are in effect: mouthmasks are obligated, wash your hands, keep your distance, don’t order at the bar, stay at home when you feel sick, … Actually, we don’t need to repeat them again since you probably know these by heart by now, but we do it anyway because this is still of utmost importance.
  • Create your Pokahnights account in advance please. This way we have your contact information in case of contact tracing. Creating an account is free and only takes 1 minute of your free time. Create your account here.
  • You don’t need to register for an event. When you feel like playing, just visit the room. When you want to be 100% certain of a seat you can always call the room before you leave your house. On Fridays the room is open from 6.30pm, on Saturday the doors are open from 3.30pm.

We can’t wait to meet you again at our tables. Hopefully this time we can stay open. See you in our room in Antwerp!

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