Live Poker Lockdown in Antwerp

Live Poker Lockdown in Antwerp

July 28, 2020

The Days of Poker live club is located in Antwerp. We have all heard in the media that things are not going well with the Corona virus. Despite the measures that have been taken, there is a clear flare-up. That is why we are closing the Live Poker in Antwerp for Pokahnights & Circus Poker club.

Why are we closing the club?

There are several reasons for closing the club at least until September 2020.

We are also concerned about the situation regarding Corona. The safety of our players, our crew and our neighbours is of course main priority. We fully support the decisions of the City of Antwerp to tackle the problem thoroughly.

With a closing from 11 pm and a curfew from 11.30 pm, it is impossible to organise a serious poker event. We are not going to make it a crap shoot. Of course that is a pity just when action was restarting. But we will be back sooner or later, no worries.

We want to set an example for the entire live poker industry. It is not a good idea to play live poker at this time. It is impossible to respect all rules and guidelines to fight the flare-up when you play live poker.

What does the future hold?

Today we make no statements about the reopening of the club. We have no idea how long the live poker lockdown in Antwerp will last. We must first wait for the situation and see what all stakeholders think about it. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media and this website so that you are aware of the latest news.