Deep Hyper on Thursday

Deep Hyper on Thursday

September 24, 2020

From October 1, 2020 we will open the club in Antwerp 3 days a week. We play a Deep Hyper on Thursday. The National Security Council has indicated that there will be no stricter measures. Because of this decision it is possible to add an extra day to the playing schedule. We understand that we are entering the ‘risk management phase’ and everyone will have to assess for themselves how they deal with the situation.

Live Poker offer

Circus Poker Club was closed from March 2020 to July 2020 due to the Corona pandemic. We restarted the activities at the end of August 2020. We have chosen to gradually return to the regular offer. In September we only played on Friday and Saturday. From October, the Deep Hyper will be added on Thursday.

The schedule for Friday and Saturday will remain unchanged, all details about the live poker events can be found here.

Deep Hyper

Deep Hyper On Thursday we will make it a Hyper day. The Deep Hyper is an old acquaintance that has been weighed in recent years and approved by a large group of players. It’s a nice combination of loads of chips and a brisk pace. Players start with 100,000 chips and levels of 10 minutes are completed.

Stack: 100,000 – Levels: 10 minutes – BuyIn: 20 euros – Matchday: Thursday – Registration: 7pm to 9pm – Doors: 6.30pm


Our approach to Corona

As a club, we are not completely convinced of the new guidelines and choose to continue with our current approach. Over the past month we have seen all players endorse the club’s policies, thank you.

Fields & Capacity. The maximum capacity of the room is currently 64 players and we will keep it that way in October. In September, there was a field of between 50 and 60 players on both Friday and Saturday, which we think is a good thing given the situation. We choose to also play on Thursday and not to increase the fields on Friday and Saturday.

Face masks, wash hands and keep your distance. Face masks remain mandatory in the club. In addition, we continue to provide the necessary disinfectants and the set-up of the room remains unchanged so that we use the space we have efficiently and safely. We too will continue to work with a rotation of chips and cards.

Food. The kitchen will remain closed for a while. In our opinion, it is not yet the time to reactivate the catering business. The current situation is too unstable to build up stocks and offer a food supply. As most players have noticed, these days it is possible to bring chips or pizza to the room.

Common sense. We call on all players to use their common sense and to take care of each other. Don’t do anything that wouldn’t make you feel good. Be considerate of others and if you don’t feel well, stay home until you are well. Only by thinking for ourselves can we overcome this.


We will monitor the situation closely in the coming weeks. In mid-October we will evaluate and decide when the room can also be opened on Wednesday. Our intention is to return to normal capacity by the end of November, 5 days a week. We look forward to ending 2020 as we started it and especially that we can also play a nice edition of the PokahChamp this year. At the moment, almost 100 players have already been placed, let’s hope this will be a positive end to the year.

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media for all details and info.
We love to see everyone at the tables for the Deep Hyper on Thursday!