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Big Shorty is back

Big Shorty is back

Circus Poker
June 22, 2021

It’s not only us that’s back in business, the same goes for our Big Shorty concept because it survived the pandemic as well. TheBig Shorty is a familiar item within the Circus Poker Club environment and the concept is pretty straight forward. We work towards a big final with a stunning prize pool by raising the stakes.  But, since we cannot ask players to pay for higher live buy-ins than €20, we use qualifiers where 1 out of 6 players will win a final ticket. This year we scheduled the Big Shorty final on Sunday 22nd of August during the 12-years Pokah Festival. So, until that day we make sure you will get enough chances to qualify, starting on Thursday 1st of July when we re-open the club.

From 1st of July until 14th of August

So starting 1st of July we will be playing on every event day – Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat – a Big Shorty qualifier as side event at 21h00. We hand out 30K chips to start with and blindlevels change every 10 minutes. As mentioned for every 6 players one final ticket for the Big Shorty final will be divided. There’s always the possibility to play a Sit & Go with min. 6 players, by request of the players, and with the approval of the tournament direction.

Saturday 14th of August the last qualifier event will be hosted, because only 2 days later our 12-years Pokah Festival is starting and the schedule there is a bit different from the rest of the season. Of course, special Sit & Go’s on request are always possible until the final.

22nd of August

We saw no better place and time to organise the Big Shorty Final than during the celebration of our 12-years anniversary. The concept is proven and in the meanwhile it has become part of the furniture in the club! On Sunday 22nd of August at 15h00 sharp we will shuffle up and deal. This means the last possible Sit & Go qualifier must be finished before 17h00 when we close the late registration of the Big Shorty final. (Last qualifier event is played on Saturday 14/8)

In the final every player receives 50K chips and blindlevels change every 15 minutes. How big the prize pool will be is just too soon to predict, because it completely depends on how many entrees all qualifier events and special Sit & Go’s will combine.

Ticket info

Zoals reeds aangehaald kan er niet rechtstreeks ingekocht worden in de finale van de Big Shorty, enkel via qualifiers en sit & go’s kunnen er Big Shorty tickets gewonnen. Echter, spelers die tijdens de lockdown één of meerdere online Pokahnights tickets twv €20 hebben gewonnen via diverse online initiatieven, kunnen deze tickets eventueel combineren om aan de Big Shorty te kunnen deelnemen. Contacteer ons via voor meer info.

Club info

All buy-ins are still locked on max. €20 and you will never be able to do a re-buy. You can of course participate in more than 1 single event each day. Recently we decided that every winner of an event also receives a Pokah Wonkah card deck for him or her to enjoy at home.

Click here for more Club info regarding our membershipcard, the bar, the corona measures and other important information. There’s also a link available to the Calendar of the club. Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. See you at our tables!




June 22, 2022 at 1:48 pm
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