12-years Pokah Festival

12-years Pokah Festival

June 22, 2021

Last year we turned eleven, but nobody noticed it, we wonder why… stupid virus! But this year Pokahnights is definitely not missing out on the celebration of our 12-years existence. Your favourite club is turning 12 jaar so we decided it was about time to once again organise a cosy Pokah Festival during the summer. The12-years Pokah Festival will become the second highlight in 2021 after our long awaited re-opening on Thursday 1st of July.

16th till 22nd of August

While for now we’re only starting up rather slowly with 4 event days per week, it’s always in the back of our minds to finally get that adrenaline rush from a whole week of poker, and nothing else than poker. So what better time to organise such a thrill than right after our re-opening during the 12-years Pokah Festival. Starting Monday 16th of August until Sunday 22nd of August the whole team of Pokahnights will open the doors of the club – early and long enough, don’t worry – to make sure you will get a traditional and fun poker festival in honour of our 12 years. On top, we want you to enjoy the feeling of ‘coming home again’, because whether you like it or not,  if there’s one thing we learned the last couple of months, it’s that you better enjoy each other’s winning hand and also the other one’s bad beat(…). We all love live poker too much!


No festival without a stunning main, and no different this year. With 3 starting days during the week, a day 2 on Saturday and the final day on Sunday, the plan is there. Of course we are organising a whole bunch of fun side events as well and with the return of the Big Shorty a big final is scheduled there too. In short, we think we have something interesting for every poker player, so please join us on our tables ,and let’s toast together on the past 12 years and many more to come.

Monday 16/8

  • 19u00 : 30K stack – 15 min blinds – Win the Button
  • 21u30 : 30K stack – 10 min blinds – Omaha

Tuesday 17/8

  • 19h00 : 1M stack – 30 min blinds – Millions Main day 1A
  • 21h30 : 30K stack – 10 min blinds – Crazy Pineapple

Wednesday 18/8

  • 19h00 : 30 stack – 15 min blinds – Bounty
  • 21h30 : 30K stack – 10 min blinds – Deuces Wild

Thursday 19/8

  • 19h00 : 1M stack – 30 min blinds – Millions Main day 1B
  • 21h30 : 30K stack – 10 min blinds – OFC Progressive

Friday 20/8

  • 19h00 : 1M stack – 30 min blinds – Millions Main day 1C
  • 21h30 : 30K stack – 10 min blinds – 2-7 Single Draw

Saturday 21/8

  • 14h00 : / – 40 min blinds – Millions Main day 2
  • 17h00 : 1M stack – 10 min blinds – Millions Hyper
  • 20h00 : 1OOK stack – 10 min blinds – Deep Hyper

Sunday 22/8

  • 13h30 : / – 60 min blinds – Millions Main day 3 (final day)
  • 14h00 : 50K stack – 20 min blinds – Big Shorty final (tickets only!)
  • 19h00 : 3OK stack – 15 min blinds – Kick Off Road to Vegas Qualifier

Festival info

We always open up the room a half hour before the start of the first event. It’s possible to late register in every event for at least 2 hours. You can play every starting day of the Main Event, but only your biggest remaining stack of day 1 will be transferred to day 2.

In order to play the Big Shorty final you will need to have a Big Shorty ticket. No ticket yet? No worries, here you can read all about obtaining this hot final ticket.

Club info

All buy-ins are still locked on max. €20 and you will never be able to do a re-buy. You can of course participate in more than 1 single event each day. Recently we decided that every winner of an event also receives a Pokah Wonkah card deck for him or her to enjoy at home.

Click here for more Club info regarding our membershipcard, the bar, the corona measures and other important information. There’s also a link available to the Calendar of the club. Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. See you at our tables!