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Reopening Circus Poker Club Antwerp

Reopening Circus Poker Club Antwerp

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June 17, 2021

Of course lots of questions kept on coming in, certainly after the reopening of Casino Namur last week. Circus Poker Club Antwerp had also started up preparations to welcome you guys all back in Wilrijk in the near future. Now that time has come and although we would have liked to see some more measures turned backwards, we still decided to re-open the club on Thursday 1st of July.

Wednesday till Saturday

While the Belgian national team is slowly but steady winning the euros, we from our side can already be clear about our opening days and hours for the month of July. When more measures disappear we can always adapt and change further our opening days, hours and offer for the upcoming weeks and months. Starting 1/7 we will be open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. From 18h30 during the week and on Saturday already from 14h30. The usual system stays in place regarding the use of membership cards, min. one main and one side event and an open bar (tables are served). Only our kitchen stays closed for now. Also, we keep our corona measures very strict  – like the use mouth masks and social distancing – and we will remind the players of these measures in the room visually.


In the following weeks more information will be available about our program for the upcoming weeks and months. For example, we are already scheduling a nice poker festival in August to celebrate the 12-year anniversary of Pokahnights and at the same time we will organise the final of the Big Shorty. Then, in December we are once again looking for our Pokahnights Champ in a big event and starting this year we will play our annual live final of the Golden Ticket hunt in the same period. As mentioned more info will follow shortly, but for now, this is how we start things up again:

Main Events

On Wednesday we start already with a succes number from the past, we play a Bounty event. That’s of course NL Texas Hold’em with 30K chips to start with and 15minutes blindlevels. Events on Wednesday start at 19h00 – don’t forget, the room is already open 30 minutes earlier – and you can register late until the end of level 8 (that’s 2 whole hours).



You ask, we comply, so also this year we are organising a Deep Hyper edition, selecting Thursdays as our dedicated event day. No surprises here, so NL Texas Hold’em and a whopping 50K starting chips. Blindlevels go up every 10 minutes and we start at 19h00 sharp. Again 2 hours of late reg is foreseen.



On Friday we try to start a thrilling poker weekend on a smooth and calmly way. We all still need to adjust, right? That’s why we were thinking of a nice Freeze Out edition with NL Texas Hold’em, a startstack of 30K chips and 15minutes blindlevels. Kick-off is at 19h00 with the usual 2 hours of late registry.



Don’t worry, it’s on the list! We couldn’t escape from the popular Pokahnights MILLION$ edition, now could we. So on Saturday afternoon we hand you 1M chips to have fun with and allow for blindlevels to stretch to 15 minutes. The event starts at 15h00 and you can register up to 3 hours after te start of the event! We open the room at 14h30.

As usual there is a second main event on Saturday, it starts at 19h00 and we are going for another Freeze Out. So that’s 30K starting chips and 15 minutes blindlevels. Again, 2 hours of late registry is foreseen.

Side Events

Guess who’s back, back again!  Circus Poker Club Antwerp is happy to announce that a New Big Shorty campaign has entered the building . We already have some players that are qualified for the Big Shorty final – played in August during the 12-year celebration, more info later on – and we’ll make sure a whole bunch of players can qualify as well. That’s why we are organising a Big Shorty Qualifier Event every event day at 21h00. We provide 30K starting chips blindlevels go up every 10 minutes. Good luck!


Welcome again

Although we all have been waiting for this moment for months and months, it is possible for some players to feel a bit weird after such a long period of isolation. Not in the least because resuming during these special corona times can be a little frightening.  But we want to ensure everyone that our organisation is doing everything to make sure that your health and safety is secured while playing at our venue. Not only for our co-workers, but also for our players. All active corona measures need to be respected while visiting and playing. We will make sure this is the case during all opening hours and we will not hesitate to intervene where necessary.

On the side we want to communicate as well that every buy-in of an event is still capped at €20 and you will never be able to re-buy. It is possible however to participate in more than 1 event on every event day. Also, the winner of each main or side event gets a Pokah Wonkah card deck to take home.

Click here for more Club info and a first glimpse on the new Calendar. Do you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And see you soon at our tables, not only for a little game, but also for a nice and deserved drink. Please have a look at our menu card part 1 and part 2.




June 22, 2022 at 12:31 pm
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