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Play along with Winter Festival 2020

Play along with Winter Festival 2020

Days of Poker
November 29, 2019

Qualify for Winter Festival 2020 via Days of Poker! Join Team Days of Poker during the first poker festival of 2020. At the end of January 2020 Grand Casino of Namur expects you for Winter Festival 2020.

While Team Days of Poker is preparing itself for the upcoming BPC we are already set for a whole new promotion campaign for the new year: Winter Festival 2020 in Grand Casino of Namur sounded like one Days of Poker shouldn’t be missing out on. Bernard De Breyne and his team welcome us from 27th of January till 2nd of February 2020 for some fun live poker events. Just to recover from the exhausting end of year festivities or to meet your newly made intentions and play the Final Table of the € 225 Winter Fest Main Event.

OFC Qualifiers in Days of Poker

Becoming a tradition also are the different OFC poker qualifier events in the Days of Poker app. They allow you to win one or more live poker tickets for events played in casino’s. So we made no exceptions for the Winter Festival in the Casino of Namur. We try not to repeat ourselves but we really can’t help noticing every single player in the Days of Poker app has a chance of winning.

There are 3 options for you to win yourself a ticket for the € 225 Winter Fest Main Event. You can win for free or a little investment. Besides that you once again can win some percentages of the Team Days of Poker because they will be playing the Winter Fest as well. OFC poker fan or not (yet), chances are fair we’ll be seeing you alongside Team Days of Poker at the tables during the Winter Fest.

Option 1 – Winter Fest Invitational Freeroll with 1x € 225 ME ticket

No Days of Poker account yet? Visit the upcoming BPC in Grand Casino de Namur and meet one of our five Team Days of Poker team members. They will tell you everything you need to know about the Days of Poker app and will offer you their business card. Next step is to download the app, make an account and follow the instructions on the card. This way you will be invited for the free Days of Poker Winterfest Invitational with on top 1x €225 Winterfest Main Event ticket.

In the meanwhile we are rooting for our Team Days of Poker because everybody who has won a percentage of the team’s action during the BPC can cash along with the team members. Of course we are repeating this action during the Winter Fest!

Only visiting the BPC for a brief period or you don’t recognise anybody of the team straight away? Please address the tournament directors because they can help you too with obtaining a Days of Poker business card.

Read more about our new Team Days of Poker.

Option 2 – Direct Qualifiers min. 1x € 225 ME ticket

Qualify now for Winter Festival 2020 via Days of Poker. During 8 weeks we are organising daily qualifiers in the Days of Poker app for € 11, € 5,5 and € 2,2 all giving access to 8 different Booster finals. In a Booster final it’s important to finish at least top 2 because winner and runner-up are progressing to the Winter Fest Final (see Option 3), but the winner is also allowed to play the Winter Fest € 22 Direct Qualifier on 22nd of January. Here we guarantee 1x €225 Main Event ticket.

In a € 2,2 qualifier we hand out 1 Booster final ticket, in a € 5,5 qualifier 2 tickets and in a € 11 qualifier always 4! So you are allowed to collect more than one Booster final ticket to play as many Booster finals as possible. You can pass tickets to your friends in the Days of Poker app as well.

Read more about playing for real money in Days of Poker.

Option 3 – Winter Fest Final with 4x € 225 ME tickets (1 out of 4 wins!)

As mentioned before the top 2 of each Booster final qualifies for the Winter Fest Final on 23rd of January and a quick calculation will reveal the obvious that not more than 16 players can play this final. So only 16 players for 4x €225 Main Event tickets implies that you only need to survive 2 rounds to get the prize. 1 out of 4 players wins a ticket and gets to play the WinterFest Main Event thanks to Days of Poker. Try and beat that!

Win your share of the Winterfest action of the team

Which Team Days of Poker team member is playing what event exactly with how many bullits during the Winter Festival, will become more clear during the run of the campaign. But we will be reserving once again 30% of their action for our loyal Days of Poker players, just like we did for the BPC promotion campaign. We will be dividing the percentages as follows:

  • T1 Winter Fest Final: 3% (sub 3%)
  • T2 Winter Fest Final: 2% (sub 2%)
  • T4 Winter Fest Final: 0,5% (sub 1%)
  • T8 Winter Fest Final: 0,5% (sub 2%)
  • T1 8x Booster Final: 1% (sub 8%)
  • T2 8x Booster Final: 0,75% (sub 6%)
  • T4 8x Booster Final: 0,5% (sub 8%)

Total 30%

The Booster finals are already planned in the Days of Poker app on December 8, 16, 22 and 28. In January 2020 you can participate on the 3d, 9th, 15th and 21st. Check the Event calendar in our app for the dates of the qualifiers.

Winter Fest 2020 Program

The Winterfest program for January 27th until February 2nd 2020 is online by now. Check the calendar for a practical overview.

Monday January 27th

  • 1 – Main Event Day 1A – € 225 buy-in – Start 18h
  • 2 – Satellite Main Event – € 40 buy-in – Start 21h

Tuesday January 28th

  • 1 – Main Event Day 1B – € 225 buy-in – Start 18h
  • 3 – Big Tuesday – € 115 buy-in – Start 20h

Wednesday January 29th

  • 1 – Main Event Day 1C – € 225 buy-in – Start 18h
  • 4 – NLH KnockOut Progressive – € 150 buy-in – Start 20h
  • 1 – Main Event Day 1D Turbo – € 225 buy-in – Start 23h

Thursday January 30th

  • 1 – Main Event Day 1E – € 225 buy-in – Start 18h
  • 5 – Pot Limit Omaha 4/5/6 – € 110 buy-in – Start 20h
  • 1 – Main Event Day 1F Turbo – € 225 buy-in – Start 23h

Friday January 31st

  • 1 – Main Event Day 1G – € 225 buy-in – Start 17h
  • 1 – Main Event Day 1H Turbo – € 225 buy-in – Start 23h

Saturday February 1st

  • 1 – Main Event Day 2 – Start 15h30
  • 6 -Flash High Roller – € 50 buy-in – Start 19h – One Hand
  • 7 – High Roller Day 1 – € 500 – Start 20h

Sunday February 2nd

  • 1 – Main Event Final Day – Start 15h30
  • 7 – High Roller Day 2 – Start 15h30 (Buy-in € 500 possible until end of level 1)
  • 8 – NLH Sunday Special – € 85 buy-in – Start 16h
  • 9 – Crazy Pineapple Turbo – € 110 buy-in – Start 20h

Good luck and see you in Namur!

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