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Sales at Circus Poker Club Antwerp

Sales at Circus Poker Club Antwerp

Circus Poker
January 2, 2020

In January 2020 Circus Poker Club Antwerp joins the sales! The best way to recover after the expensive December month is to take advantage of the sales. All our wallets are without a doubt exhausted. This is why new players in the club during January will receive their membership cards for free. We will put the amount you pay directly on your card. Like this, you only pay 15 euros for your personal club card and you can spend the entire amount on food, drinks & buy-in.

Club cards

We welcome new players with open arms. When you visit Circus Poker Club Antwerp for the first time, our crew will welcome you at the reception. Next it’s important for the club to knowing who our players are. For every player we create an account in our eventing system and point of sale system. Via the eventing system we keep track of statistics. On top of that we can easily subscribe players in poker tournaments. There is a connection between our eventing system and point of sale system so that player accounts are linked.

To make these processes easier we like to work with club cards. On your first visit we will make your personalised club card. Your name and a unique QR code are displayed on your card. We use this card to subscribe you in events. You can also charge this card (using bancontact, Payconic or cash). This way you can use your club card to pay at the bar for food & drinks and at the desk for poker event buy-ins.

Small contribution for your club card

Your club card is printed à la minute with your name and unique code. We don’t have to emphasise that the printer and cards are not free, even for us. In order for the club to be break-even we ask for a small contribution of 15 euros per club card since the opening.

We have noticed that for some players, this club card is a threshold. We hope that with this explanation players understand why we have to ask for a small contribution. account

But…. We are not the worst. In January 2020 we want to make some efforts for our players. When you visit as a new member and create a club card, we will ask you to create your account as well. You can do this by spinning the roulette in our club. The roulette gives you some nice bonuses: from € 5 to € 50 on your Circus account!

Afterwards we deposit the 15 euros you pay for your club card immediately on your club card. You can order something at the bar or partly pay your event buy-in. Enjoy the sales at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. is a leading player in the international e-games sector. You can play online poker, you’ll find an immense collection of online slot machines and offers the best sports betting odds.

We hope this is the final push new players need to visit the club in the new year. We would love to welcome you at our tables!