A brand new brand design for Pokahnights

A brand new brand design for Pokahnights

July 29, 2019

In August of 2019 Pokahnights celebrates its 10th Birthday. For a decade Pokahnights regularly organises poker tournaments. On top of that there are several side projects that the team is working on daily. We thought it was about time for a fresh new logo and brand design for Pokahnights.

A new logo for Pokahnights

Although we believe Pokahnights has one of the most known logos in the Belgian club pokerscene, we were convinced that the time was right to come up with a new logo. We want to expand our project in multiple directions so a perfect, strong and appealing logo with a clear philosophy is crucial.

Creation Brand Design Pokahnights

We clearly believe in mathematics and symmetry so we decided to build up our logo using a predefined shape, a circle. We combined multiple circles into an appealing and timeless logo.

What do you see?

With the creation of our logo we wanted to integrate multiple elements of our brand, our club and poker in general. The diamond is clearly a wink to the old Pokahnights logo, with this element we want to keep things familiar for our existing fans. The entire outline of the logo is a perfect spade, one of the poker suits. With a little bit of imagination you can rotate our logo 180° to see the heart. If you like, the smaller circles can be the lower circles of the clubs.

Beside the suits of a deck playing cards we integrated an owl. If you see the logo the shape reminds you of an owl. This is to symbolise the Nights part of Pokahnights. The eyes can become poker chips. If you rotate our logo and put 2 logos together our logo becomes a table with 4 players playing poker.

Color your poker life

We have no intention to select a fixed color for our logo. Pokahnights is a playful brand with a lot of fun and possibilities in it. We don’t want to limit ourselves to one direction, we want to color your life with poker. You’ll see our logo popping up in all kinds of different colors, or filled with certain structures, … Anything goes!

Another vibe

As stated before, we are in love with our previous logo. Structural change however is sometimes necessary. Especially when change in general is the only way for the project to survive it’s the only way to go. We like to believe that the best is always yet to come. We love this other vibe and this new path we’re walking on. Don’t forget to fall in love with our new brand (design).

Brand design by Concept Booth

The new brand design is done by Concept Booth. Concept Booth is a conceptual company that can translate your ideas into concrete brands. If you’re interested in branding your idea, don’t hesitate to visit the Concept Booth website and discover how Concept Booth can help you.