Days of Poker
Manage your bankroll and boost your payday

Manage your bankroll and boost your payday

Days of Poker
July 29, 2019

In the free Days of Poker app you get to play Open Face Chinese Poker games with play money. With your Coins you get to do all the fun stuff, so make sure you don’t get broke. Be careful about spending your Coins and collect them by winning games and collecting your monthly payday. Manage your online bankroll in this free Chinese Poker app.

Start with a budget of 25.000 Coins

Every Days of Poker player receives a budget of 25.000 Coins after creating an account. This is a one-time budget that is provided to get to know the app, the games and the different game formats.

When you’re new and don’t have a lot of experience with Open Face Chinese Poker we advise you to opt for the lowest possible buy-in. As soon as you’re getting the hang of it, there’s more than enough time and space to play with high buy-ins.

Why do you need Coins?

Even though Days of Poker is a free app we want to motivate players as much as possible to play their best game. We achieve this by rewarding good games. On top of that this is a great simulation of the real-money play version that is in the pipeline.

You can use Coins for these actions: participate in normal games, fast games, events and sit & go’s. You can also challenge your friends in a Challenge.

Payday, collect 5.000 free Coins or more each month

Each Days of Poker player gets a monthly budget in Coins. Every 30 days a player can visit the Payday section and add 5.000 Coins or more to his or her bankroll. This way you can easily manage your online bankroll in our Chinese Poker app. If you’re out of Coins at a certain amount in time, you can go to the Payday section and let your Days of Poker salary be disbursed earlier. However, you will not receive the full amount. The longer you’re willing to wait, the better your Payday deal will be. Once again, be careful about spending your Coins!

Complete missions and boost your Payday

In the Days of Poker app you can complete Missions. For every completed mission you receive 10 Coins on top of your regular Payday. If you complete all missions in the same category you get a monthly bonus of 250 Coins. It’s easy to up your Payday with 1.000 Coins and more.

Mission Pack 1 – Dreamers Delight

It’s the dream of every OFC player to be in Fantasyland as much as possible. Each time you reach Fantasyland you’re able to create the best possible OFC poker hand and win a load of points. In the Dreamers Delight mission pack we go even further: can you stay in Fantasyland multiple times in a row?

Every time you stay in Fantasyland 2, 3, 4, 5 or more times you complete a mission. You have to round off each number 5 times in order to wrap up this mission pack. When you finish a mission pack, you add 250 coins to your monthly Payday.

Mission Pack 2 – SNG Grinder

Attention all fans of Sit & Go’s! This mission pack is written all over you. In this pack you have to win as much Coins as possible in Sit & Go events. Every time you reach a certain number of Coins you round off a mission. In the first mission it starts out easy: you only need to win 1.000 Coins to add 10 Coins to your monthly Payday. It gets harder as you get better though. In the last mission of this pack you need to have won 5.000.000 Coins in Sit & Go’s in total.

Mission Pack 3 – Dawn of the Queens

In Mission Pack 3 the Queens take the central spot. Placing hands with Queens in OFC Poker is never a bad idea, especially not when you can put them on top. In this pack you have to place a pair of Queens and trips Queens on as many different positions in your online OFC poker hand. You can complete each specific task multiple times to fulfill all missions in this pack.

Stay updated about your bankroll

It’s important to have a clear view of your bankroll, so Days of Poker has provided some tools. Every player has acces to his or her bankroll in the app. In this section it’s perfectly clear to check how many Coins he or she has left and how many Coins are circulating in open games. Next to the online bankroll you can easily manage, you also get an overview of your Transactions where every transaction made in the app is registered.

Want to discover the complete Open Face Chinese Poker manual?

Real money play available in Days of Poker app

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