Days of Poker
6 different Chinese Poker games

6 different Chinese Poker games

Days of Poker
July 21, 2019

Days of Poker, more than regular OFC poker

There are a lot of different Open Face Chinese Poker games available for poker players all over the world. Every online OFC poker variation has its own characteristics. These characteristics can be switched up: more or less cards given at the same time, different rules about which type of hand should be placed on which line, extra rewards in Fantasyland when certain conditions are met.

Days of Poker has chosen 6 different OFC variations. We offer 3 main variations with or without Wildcards. Days of Poker only offers Pineapple versions of Chinese Poker games. In Pineapple you always get your cards in groups of at least 3. In the non-Pineapple version of Open Face Chinese poker players get their cards one by one. The Pineapple version makes for a more exciting and less time-consuming game. The majority of online poker players prefers Pineapple variations and Days of Poker does so too.

Choose your favorite OFC variation

We offer these Open Face Chinese Pineapple poker variations:

Open Face Chinese Poker Games

  1. Regular
  2. Regular – with Wildcards
  3. Progressive
  4. Progressive – with Wildcards
  5. Low
  6. Low – with Wildcards

Each variation has its own symbol in the Days of Poker app for iOs and Android. There’s also a difference between Wild and non-Wild games. This symbol appear everywhere in the app, so that players know immediately which type of game it’s about. Be attentive when you play more than one variation at the same time. Because in an Open Face Chinese Low Game it would be a pity if you accidentally place a strong hand in the middle.

Regular OFC Poker Games

This is the traditional Pineapple version of Open Face Chinese Poker games. All other game types that we offer in the Days of Poker app are based on the Regular.

Progressive OFC Poker

The difference with the Regular is that you get extra cards in Fantasyland depending on the strength of your top hand. When you qualify for Fantasyland with a pair of Queens you get the normal amount of Fantasyland cards (14). With a pair of Kings you get 15 cards, and a pair of Aces gives you 16 cards. With three of the same cards (Trips) on top you even receive 17 cards to start your Fantasyland. This makes for a huge advantage, so you can place the best possible hand.

Low Chinese Poker Games

In the Low variation the middle line different as the other two lines. To create a valid hand your middle line should contain a Low hand. A Low hand means that there mustn’t be a valid poker combination and only the cards 2 to 10 can be used. The best possible hand is 2, 3, 4, 5, 7; at least when they’re not from the same suit. This hand in the middle also qualifies you for Fantasyland.

Wild OFC Games

Each of these game types can be played using Wildcards. In the Regular and Progressive variation the 2’s are the Wildcards. In the Low Jacks are the Wildcards, because you need the 2’s to create the best possible hand in the middle. The Wildcards can be used for any card and the app automatically chooses the best combination for you when you place the card on a line.

On our website there’s an extensive and interesting free OFC manual where all rules and game types are explained thoroughly. The Days of Poker app itself is also completely free, so don’t hesitate in giving Chinese Poker games a try because you can learn by doing.