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4 different OFC game types to choose from

4 different OFC game types to choose from

Days of Poker
July 26, 2019

Days of Poker offers 4 challenging Chinese Poker game types to play. The team wants to get the most out of Open Face Chinese Poker. That’s why we decided to offer the OFC games in different game types. You can choose Fast or Normal games, every day there are multiple Events and you can play a Sit & Go whenever you want to.

Chinese Poker Normal Games

The basis of the Days of Poker Open Face Chinese poker app is the Normal Game. Normal OFC Games are heads-up or one-on-one online games where players each have 72 hours to make a move. In the free app, available for iOs and Android, you can open multiple Normal games at the same time. You can finish your games whenever you want to, as long as you do so within the time limit.

Normal OFC Games are ideal for players that don’t know in advance how much time they can spend to play and finish a game. Even if you only have a couple minutes time a day to play your favorite online poker game, you still have the full experience with maximum fun when you start a Days of Poker Normal Game.

To play Normal Games you need Days of Poker Coins. Upon creating a free account Days of Poker gifts you 25.000 Coins. You can use these Coins when and how you want to. Next to this welcome gift every month you receive at least 5.000 Coins on top. By playing well, achieving Milestones and finishing Missions you can even up your monthly Payday. In the article about Bankrolls & Payday you can read all about this.

When starting a Normal Game you get to pick in advance how many Coins a point you want to bet. At the end of the game, after 5 online poker hands and possible Fantasyland hands, the losing player has to multiply his lost points with the chosen coins per point to the winning player. We recommend to start at Micro Stakes. Especially when playing with Wildcards it’s possible to reach a damage of over 100 points, and when that happens your Coins will fly out the window. So start low, and when you get the hang of it, you can always up your game.

OFC Fast Games

There are a lot of resemblances between Normal Games and Fast Games in the Days of Poker app. Players play heads-up, you have to pick a coin value in advance and all OFC variations can be played.

However, there are 2 big differences with the Normal Games. Players only have 90 seconds to make a move, meaning you have to finish your game, or 5 hands, immediately. This way, action is guaranteed! On the other hand, you play 3 boxes at the same time, meaning that players are playing 3 games in one at the same time. At the end, when in every box the 5 hands and possible Fantasyland hands are completed, the sum of the points is made. The player that finishes with a positive result is the winner of the Fast Game and will be paid by the losing player.

Open Face Chinese poker tournaments

Online poker players love to play tournaments with multiple other players. Online poker websites like Pokerstars, Unibet of Bwin regularly host tournaments with hundreds of players at the same time. Days of Poker offers OFC tourneys where hundreds of players can compete in, all at the same time.

Using the Game Manager players can click-through to the Events calendar. There they can pick a tournament of their choice. We offer free tournaments (freerolls) and tournaments with a buy-in in Days of Poker Coins. It depends on the tournament what the prizes are: Coins, Tickets or others.

At the start of a tournament all players are linked randomly to another player. They play a Fast Game together. The only difference with a Fast Game is that the winner will be the player that has a positive result in 2 or 3 boxes. This player will move on to the next round where a new opponent will wait. The last player remaining is the winner of the tournament. By checking the info page of the tournament players can see what they can win. The Days of Poker organisation is working daily to organise interesting tournaments and give away free prizes.

As you can read, these 4 challenging Chinese Poker game types to play will definitely keep you busy in our free Open Face Chinese Poker app.

The full tournament offer can be checked in the “How to play Days of Poker” section of this website.

OFC Sit & Go Events

Sit & Go’s function the same way as Events. The big difference is that Sit & Go’s don’t start at set times. In the Days of Poker app a Sit & Go is possible starting from 2 players up till 16 players. As soon as enough players are subscribed for a Sit & Go it starts. Players can choose when they want to play.

Sit & Go’s are available for all Open Face Chinese poker game types. Players can choose between 3 different stakes in points: 10, 50 or 250 coins per point.

Next to these game types, Days of Poker also offers different game formats: Normal, Progressive and Low variations.