Return of the POPS

Return of the POPS

March 30, 2021

Back from behind the scenes and dusted off thoroughly, because nowadays everybody wants to be Part Of Poker Sagas, or was it to Purify Outrageous Poker Scum… Anyways, on Thursday 8th of April we are celebrating the Return of the POPS, the Pokahnights Online Poker Series. No fuss, no catch, just 5 weeks of poker fun every Tuesday, Thursday and/or Sunday in the Pokahnights Home Games Club on PokerStars. You can ‘fish’ amongst poker friends in various pools that vary between €2,20 and €33 for every seat. Everything extra is just welcome, right?

What is it?

As mentioned with POPS we try to create a fun online alternative for the live poker lockdown in Belgium for over one year now. This exclusive Home Game on PokerStars is offering well-known regular tournaments with corresponding prize pools but at the same time tries to build in an extra fun feature just because it can.  A feature that in no way will top the 5 weeks of simple poker fun with friends you used to only see and speak to during live events, but that can easily trigger everyone’s competition spirit when playing and that could result in an extra bonus at the end of the POPS on Sunday 16th of May.

What are we playing?

Every event day we will make sure at least 10 tournaments are scheduled in the Home Game, on various hours and with different buy-ins. Re-buys aren’t offered, but re-entries are permitted. Now, for every 50 entrees one ticket for the Big Final on Sunday 16th of May will be added. That’s 1 ticket for every starting tranche of 50 players with a minimum of 20 players. For example, a tournament of 15 players will not be eligible for a ticket, but a tournament with 27 entrees will. When 51 players register a second ticket will be added to the pot, a third starting 101 players. The first ticket is awarded to the winner of the tournament of course, and every extra ticket will go to the finisher before. Attention please, because in €22 and €33 buy-in tournaments tickets are already added for every starting tranche of 25 entrees with a minimum of 10 players. Then, if you manage to win more than one ticket during the entire POPS, you’re not only qualified for this Big Final, but also for the Elite Final on the same day. Double fun, double prizes!

How much does it cost?

Participating in the POPS will only cost you a onetime donation of €10 which can be directly transferred via PokerStars to the account of Ralf009 (let’s make him rich, shall we!). Go to the cashier and find the option ‘transfer to player’. After that please visit the Home Games section on PokerStars, find the option ‘become member of poker club’ and fill in following details:

  • ID : 4783999
  • Code : pokahwonkah

The whole €10 goes directly to the prize pool of the 2 finals on Sunday 16th of May, 70% to the Big Final and 30% to the Elite Final. So with a little luck you are playing for 100% return and who knows a multiple of that. With this offer we’re also promoting once again our own Pokah Wonkah playing cards, a supporting concept from our non-profit association that was born at the very start of the pandemic. So if you’re also happy to deposit €20 (in stead of the requested €10) you will not only get access to the POPS, but you will also receive a voucher of €15 to use in our Pokah Wonkah giftshop

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