Live poker on hold again

Live poker on hold again

October 7, 2020

What we were all expecting has actually happened, live poker will go into the fridge for another month. Of course that is a bummer and it puts even more pressure on the chances of survival of the club. Nevertheless, we fully support the measures taken, doing nothing was not an option.

Short, the club will be closed until November 9th, we will restart during the second week of November. This is of course what the situation looks like today, we are monitoring the situation closely. If possible we come back more early.
EDIT – This was probably our most optimistic statement of the last two years. Today it is 31 March 2021 and there is still no sign in terms of re-opening the live club. We hope to play again during the summer of 2021.

Corona Alert App

We take the opportunity to encourage everyone to activate the Corona Alert app. It is a free app that supports the fight against the virus. Every little bit helps, especially if they are effortless. Activate it today!

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June 22, 2022 at 12:45 pm
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