GGPoker Belgium Launch Events

GGPoker Belgium Launch Events

July 16, 2021

It’s not like a new world class online poker platform comes knocking on Belgian doors every week, month or year. So GGPoker figured it to be appropriated to announce the release of GGPoker Belgium in several parts of the country. And no better way to do this than during a nice and cosy live poker tournament with a lot of extra prizes. So GGPoker Belgium is welcoming everyone on Saturday 31st of July in 5 very well-known live BE poker clubs.

5x GGPoker Belgium Launch Events

Choose your favourite poker club and come play on 31/7 starting 16h CET. There’s a possibility to late register until 19h and the buy-in is limited to €20, just like a regular low-stack club poker event. You will receive 100K chips to start with and GGPoker will make sure you get a fun and entertaining afternoon and evening – depending on how long you expect to be in the tournament – in return. With levels of 20 minutes GGPoker is not only expecting it to be a comfortable structure, they are counting on a full house in every poker club!

$3.000 GGPoker WSOP Online tickets on top

On top of the regular payouts GGPoker Belgium is of course providing the necessary extras. They are planning to hand out a bunch of WSOP card decks amongst the players, but especially for the top 10 of each Launch Event they have something special to offer. Because the runner-up up and till the number 10 finisher are all awarded with a $50 GGPoker WSOP Online ticket. GGPoker already told us it is very likely that such a ticket could be used for a real WSOP Million-maker with several starting days. Anyway, the full playing schedule of the WSOP Online is expected to be released on GGPoker.be by next week. What about the winner? Well, for the winner of each Launch Event they’re handing out a $150 GGPoker WSOP Online ticket. With this ticket you are bound to be on track for another $1.000.000 as well. And don’t forget, all 5 Launch Events are played simultaneously on Saturday 31st of July. So as the WSOP Online is already starting the next day on GGPoker, they will have made sure that already 50 (Belgian) players are able to join a first WSOP Online event ever at GGPoker. GG!

Organising Poker Clubs


Since the whole team behind Pokahnights will guide and help GGPoker.be in our little country it is no surprise that one of five GGPoker Launch Events is being held at Circus Poker Club Antwerp. At the same time Kristof has a heart for any late comer – or early buster – because they’re also organising a nice side event starting 20h. In this qualifier event $1.000 in the form of GGPoker WSOP Online tickets will be guaranteed. Tickets with different values of course and $500 being the highest. Be sure to check the website of Pokahnights the upcoming days for more (club) info soon. 

2. PKR4U

Players living in or near Brussels can count on a GGPoker Launch Event as well because Serge from PKR4U is planning to re-launch this club in Neder-Over-Heembeek, where as before it was active in Casino Viage, but due to the corona pandemic the poker activities haven’t resumed there yet. We wish him all the best and luck in the new room, but we are convinced that – just like in the Viage – players will continue to have an excellent playing experience at PKR4U. And no difference during the Launch Event on 31/7!


Who ever thought GGPoker is not visiting every corner of the country, better think again. Eric immediately offered his service and space when learning about GGPoker Belgium and how GG could represent a big deal for his players. Everyone likes a WSOP Online adventure, right? Keep track of his club’s Facebook page to learn more about the GGPoker Launch Event in Liège. It’s clear that all players present that day will have at least one shot to become one of the first Belgian players to join a GGPoker WSOP Online event. Full house guaranteed!


Back to our friends in Limburg at Pokerparty. Johan and Didier are the most enthusiastic people around when it comes to organising poker tournaments, but especially when they get inspired and record their own funny promo clips. We are all curious about the next one! In Hasselt they know what they’re doing, so we’re pretty confident that the Launch Event will not fall on an empty stomach, in the capital of taste!  The room is already booked we heared, so put it in your agenda quickly and be there on time! It’s going to be memorable!


Last but not least, in beautiful Hainaut, GGPoker is also visiting our club of tradition Poker Belgique where players definitively will appreciate the new online poker platform. So the fifth and last GGPoker Launch Event will take place in Soignies and according to Leandro a full room is guaranteed. And you better count on a heavy and firm battle between players for those hot GGPoker WSOP Online tickets. Also, make sure you keep an eye on their media channels, because a nice side event (with GGPoker tickets) is definitely an option here as well.

On The Side

So you are definitely in for a memorable poker day where ever you plan to join the GGPoker Launch Event. Because there’s not only the main event with added prize pool to look forward to, as mentioned some clubs will offer a nice and juicy side event as well with guaranteed prizes. In Antwerp for example this side event is already scheduled AND the club has invited several written and audiovisual press all day long. Live reporting and twitch streams will be business as usual that day and a handful of those live streamers will be active on GGPoker.be in the room! In short, an event day you hate to be missing out on.


In Circus Poker Club Antwerp the Launch Event will start with max. 100 players, but since there is a late registration period of 3 hours we guarantee dat the next 25 players will also get a seat when someone busts. When more than 125 players want to join the event, these players must hope there are more than enough busts to count for within this 3 hours period.

Do you want to join the event, please mail to info@pokahnights.com and you will receive a confirmation and a number so you will know if you’re one of the first 100 players that can start at 16h already, or if you’re a number between 101 and 125 saying you definitely will start somewhere between 16h and 19h. For players just outside the first 125 players, as mentioned, it is not certain they’ll play. It all will depend on the amount of busts.However, these players need to be in the room as early as possible, and pre-registered at the desk, because first come first serve applies whenever a post-125 bust seat becomes available.


Even dough it’s not 31/7 yet – the day that every Belgian player will be able to download the GGPoker software on their desktop or mobile device – there is absolutely no excuse to not discover everything already on the GGPoker.be website. Get to know old and new poker concepts, alongside a bunch of international tournament series, all assembled in a next-generation software package no where else to be found. All these fun extras make it… extra fun! As simple as that, because let’s make poker fun again, right? That’s exactly why you should be playing on GGPoker!

See you at the GGPoker tables!




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