Belgian Poker Players Challenge

Belgian Poker Players Challenge

October 29, 2020

In times of crisis, there are always organisations that know how to turn threats into opportunities and new chances for the future. This is no different within the club poker sector in Belgium. Talks that had been running for some time have gained momentum in recent days. This results in a first structural collaboration between various Belgian Clubs: the Belgian Poker Players Challenge.


What is it?

In November, a Home Game will be organised on Pokerstars by the participating clubs. The intention is to lead the Belgian Poker Players into a joint Home Game with the intention of playing big events. Between November 1 and November 30, 13 events will be played with different buy-ins. Each event stands alone and an overarching ranking will be built up.

Liege Poker Club
Poker Belgique
Poker Party
Poker Fun
Poker Clubs Des Ardennes
Casino de Spa
Aviation Poker
Bad Beat Brasschaat
Double Up

Don’t hesitate to contact the clubs if you have questions.

Schedule Belgian Poker Players Challenge

All events of the Belgian Poker Players Challenge are hosted on the Pokerstars Home Games channel. The events start at 20h05 and there is always a late registration during 60 minutes.

  • 01/11 – 2€20 – Rebuy/Addon – 3K
  • 05/11 – 2€20 – Progressive KO – 5K
  • 07/11 – 2€20 – Freeze Out – 10K
  • 08/11 – 3€30 – 6-Max – 10K
  • 12/11 – 3€30 – 6-Max R&B – 3K
  • 14/11 – 3€30 – Progressive KO – 5K
  • 15/11 – 5€50 – KO – 10K
  • 19/11 – 5€50 – Rebuy/Addon – 3K
  • 21/11 – 5€50 – 6-Max – 5K
  • 22/11 – 5€50 – Progressive KO – 10K
  • 26/11 – 5€50 – Freeze Out – 10K
  • 28/11 – 11€ – Progressive KO – 10K
  • 29/11 – 11€ – Freeze Out – 10K

What is there to win?

Each tournament is a separate tournament where there is a cash-in cash-out payout. So even if you can only play some of the events, it is worth taking a look at this. A ranking is built up for the players who are looking forward to the whole series. In this ranking, another € 1,500 will be divided in tickets for the participating clubs. In addition, there are several goodies to be won that were donated by the various partners of this project. In total there is already more than € 2,500 in extra nice prizes. The following prices have already been confirmed:

What about the ranking?

The points you can earn in the ranking are linked to the number of players in the tournament and the buy-in of the tournament. In a tournament of 50 players, the winner will receive 50 points x the buyin multiplier.

  • 2€20 x1
  • 3€30 x1,5
  • 5€50 x2
  • 11€ x3

So in case an event of 5€50 is played with 100 players, the winner will already receive at least 200 points. As icing on the cake, the final table players will each receive an additional 5 points for each position they move up, so the winner will receive an additional 45 points to reach a total of 245.

As mentioned, there are a lot of nice extra prizes for the ranking. First of all, € 1,500 will be distributed in event tickets that can be used in the participating clubs. After that, there are many extras in the drum so that more than € 2,500 in prizes can be linked to the ranking and events. The exact price distribution will follow soon.

How can you join the Series?

If you want to participate in the Belgian Poker Players Challenge you pay a contribution of 25 euros. This contribution must be transferred to account BE69 0689 3525 0078 in the name of PKR4U . Be sure to include your Pokerstars nickname so we can confirm you at the Home Game. Once you have made your transfer you can sign up for the Home Game club of the Belgian Poker Players Challenge.

CLUB ID: 3688193

CODE: bppc20be

What do we do with the entry gift?

On the one hand this is used to cover the prize pool of the ranking, on the other hand the remaining amount will be divided among the participating clubs. The clubs can use this to support their operation and cover extra costs during Corona.

Why join the games?

That’s the simplest question, of course.

The Belgian Poker Players Challenge will simply be a very fun series of events to participate in. There are already more than 100 registrations so it will be fun. With this concept we seize the opportunity to put all club players in Belgium together in one concept.

Just like the Days of Poker Club Tour, this is a joint action that is set up by clubs. Pokahnights and Days of Poker support these promotions because we believe that only by working together we build a better club sector.

Do you have questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us.