Days of Poker
December 16, 2020

The OFC Club Challenge is the new concept created by the Belgian Poker Clubs to support the Belgian Poker sector. For the OFC2C concept the clubs work together with the Belgian Award Winning OFC Project Days of Poker. Days of Poker is an application available for iOS and Android to play OFC Poker, it’s free to download, it’s free to try and master the game. (lees dit artikel in het Nederlands)

OFC Club Challenge Concept

Decide for what Club you want to play, join the OFC2C Facebook Group and game on!
Visit the OFC2C Facebook group! 

Between 17 december and 31 januari 2021 we will organise OFC events in the Days of Poker app. All events will have the OFC2C Tag. Every OFC Club Challenge event starts when there are 6 players available to play. Every day we offer 3 events, starting on 19h15, 20u30 and 21h45. The buy-in for every Event is 2+2 euro.


In every event the best 4 players receive points. The Winner of an event wins 10 points, the Runner-up gets 5 points and two semi-final players receive each 3 points. These points are used to build an individual ranking and a club ranking, so when you have a good run, it’s good for you and it’s good for your club.

    Prize pool

    There is a payout in every event, per player there is 2 euro in the prize pool from the buy-in. It’s low stakes as it is mainly a fun poker concept during the last weeks of the lockdown. Depending on the amount of players the prize pool will be distributed among the best x players. If there are for example 6 players, it will be winner takes it all. If there are 60 players the best 8 players will distribute the prize pool. Beside the regular cash payout the winner of every event and the top 10 of the individual ranking get a ticket for the live final event. The club that wins the Club Challenge has the opportunity to host this live final event.

    Live Final Event

    All live poker players are desperately waiting to get back to the clubs. With this online OFC Club Challenge Concept we want to support the clubs to get back on track with nice concepts. For every participation in the challenge we reserve 0,5 euro to support the live final event. The club can decide what to do with the budget and what kind of event it will be: add it in the prize pool, organise a cheaproll (as freerolls with prizes are not allowed anymore) or maybe use it to provide some drinks or finger food. The final event can be OFC Poker or it can be Texas Hold’em or any other poker game. Every Club wil decide for themselves.

    If Pokahnights, Circus Poker Club, would win the Challenge we would hoste a Live 20€ Texas Hold’Em event and we would add the OFC2C Price Pool on top in the Event to play a juice live event in the club in Antwerp. This is just an example, check the websites and socials of the participating clubs to discover what they would do.

    On top of the 0,5 euro Days of Poker wants to support the final event also with the Record Rampage Challenge. Today the OFC Online Event Field-record is 94 players. Every time this record is crushed we add 50 euro extra in the prize pool for the final event organised by the winning club. So the more players join the Days of Poker Challenge, the more juice in the live final event.

    Support Belgian Poker

    Today it is important that we think local, that we act local and that we support local. The Belgian Poker Clubs can use your support. Also Days of Poker is a new Belgian Project so let’s also support this project and not only the big international online poker companies.

    For every participation we reserve 1 euro to support the Belgian clubs.
    0,5 euro goes to the 4 clubs who started this initiative and will do all management and follow-up, the 0,5 euro will be equally divided. The other 0,5 euro goes into the all-clubs-pool. Every club that participates gets a share based on the amount of players they have in the final individual ranking. Every participation will be listed in the ranking, even if it is 0 points. So if club A has 50 players, club B 30 players and club C 20 players the 0,5 euro’s will be divided 50/30/20.

    Short, everyone gets something to make it to better times. Not only poker clubs in Belgium can join, also Casino’s and for example Poker Blogs are invited. It would be great that the full poker sector in Belgium supports this project. Every time there is a new participation, we will add it in the list below. What do you have to do to participate? Do communication among your players. That’s it. The more and the better your communication, the better your return. We will provide all the necessary graphics and copy to support you as much as possible.

    Participating Clubs

    Everyone is more than welcome to join the Challenge. Contact us if you wish to support the Belgian OFC Club Challenge.

    Poker Belgique

    This one of the first live poker clubs of Belgium. Leandro Gaone and his team are active in live poker for over 10 years and they are hosting multiple live events in their room in Soignies. Leandro has also a lot of Casino Poker experience. He managed live poker events in Casino Namur & Spa. Today he is managing multiple national and international Live Poker concepts. EPS, The -record crushing- Monster, The Killer, Poker Belgique Masters and more are all signed by Poker Belgique. Leandro is know in the entire live poker sector of Belgium. The Club is located in Wallonie, the French speaking part of Belgium.


    This is the Flemish alternative for Poker Belgique.  The club is also operating live poker events for more than 10 years. Kristof De Deken and his team was multiple times elected as best poker club of the country. Beside that they also got awards for contribution to the poker industry and for online poker project. They have a more than decent premium room in Wilrijk, near to Antwerp where you can play 5 times per week live poker events in non Corona time. The team behind Pokahnights is the same team as the team behind the Days of Poker app. If you face Pokahnights players in the Challenge, do not doubt, they know the game 😉

    Liège Poker Club

    This is probably the new kid on the block. The club only started a couple of years ago and today they have a nice room with a nice players base. Eric Thirion is highly motivated to turn his club in a professional poker organisation and so far he is doing a good job. If you are in the Liège Area and looking for a nice live poker event, Poker Club Liège is the place to be. There was not to much live poker action in that area and it turned out that there where a lot of players waiting for a professional club. It is always good to have new and fresh projects in the Industry.

    Poker Party

    The Poker Party concept is rather new in the Country but this is not the first live poker project for Didier Vandoren. He is already active in the Belgian Live poker sector for many years. Before Poker Party Didier was active in the Hollywood poker project. For the Poker Party concept he teamed-up with Johan Olaerts and Ayhan Kalkan. Not so long ago they reactivated the events in the Hollywood Poker room. The club in Limburg rapidly exploded and they are hosting live poker events with fields up to 100 players on a weekly basis. During the Corona period they where hit by a Bullet from the authorities so they can use our support.


    Probably a more atypical live poker club but a club that breaths poker in every meaning of the word. Serge Halpern is hosting with PKR4U live poker events in the Viage Casino in Brussels but his heart and motivation is there for every live poker club, player and organisation in Belgium. Serge is working for some time to unite the Belgian Poker Industry and he is generating new poker concept to innovate and motivate all players. The good news is that Serge doesn’t know a thing about OFC so let’s prey you meet him during the OFC Club Challenge events ;). But be aware everyone can win in OFC poker events. Don’t forget to check the school sections!


    Practical Information

    It is free to participate in the Challenge and in the ranking. As a player you only pay the 2+2 euro for every event that you play. If you want to join the Challenge you need to join the Facebook OFC2C poker group. When you register you have the tell us for what club you play and what your Days of Poker nickname is. From that moment you are good to go.

    All communication and information will be done in this Facebook group.


    Four clubs and one neutral ambassador of Belgian Poker are organising this Challenge:

    • Leandro Gaone – Poker Belgique
    • Eric Thirion – Poker Club Liège
    • Serge Halpern – PKR4U
    • Didier Vandoren – Poker Party
    • Kristof De Deken – Circus Poker Club / Pokahnights

    With this article and with the presentation of the concept they invite the entire Belgian Poker Industry to support and participate in the OFC Club Challenge. Every club is invited. Don’t hesitate to contact us through social media or mail if you have questions or if you would like to participate with your organisation. The more players, the better. Let’s spice up the final event and crack those field records.

    Communication Policy

    In the Facebook group we will announce the daily events.
    On Monday we will post a Ranking update, the Ranking will be published on the Days of Poker website.
    On regular basis we will communicate about the Record Rampage Challenge to spice up the Prize Pool for the final event.
    Please use the #OFC2C HashTag for al your communication.

    Oh no!! I don’t know OFC Poker

    No worries, once you know Texas Hold’em you will manage.
    On the Days of Poker website there is a detailed school section with all information. Don’t hesitate to check out the OFC School section. It’s free and it takes only 10 minutes!

    Oh no!! I don’t know the Days of Poker app

    No worries, we have a detailed description of the Days of Poker app and all info listed on the Days of Poker website. It takes only 5 minutes to check the full app and know what it is about.

    Good luck in the OFC Club Challenge!