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Belgian Poker Players Challenge 2021 – S01

Belgian Poker Players Challenge 2021 – S01

Days of Poker
January 18, 2021

In November 2020 the first edition of the BPPC was held, one of four new concepts created and hosted by Liège Poker Club, Pokahnights, PKR4U, Poker Belgique and Poker Party. This first edition was a great succes and we really got the taste for it. Exactly the reason why we are playing once again on Pokerstars starting January 24th!

Some statistics

The numbers of the BPPC speak for themselves. More than 350 unique players participated in one or more of the 13 events, creating a whopping total of more than 3.000 entries and a total prize pool of over €15.000. Not bad at all for a first timer. We hope of course that the new BPPC 2021 S01 will break every record possible! For our French-speaking players we kindly refer to the website of Poker Belgique for a translation of this article. Pour les joueurs francophones, veuillez vous référer au site de Poker Belgique pour la traduction de cet article.

What is it?

It’s really a series of 13 events played in a Pokerstars Home Game. In each event you play you earn points and only your 10 best results will be taken into account for your general ranking. So don’t worry if you’re facing a bad beat a couple of times.

Program Belgian Poker Players Challenge 2021 – S01

All events for the Belgian Poker Players Challenge are organised in the Home Games of Pokerstars. Each event starts at 20h05 and a late registry of 60 minutes is allowed. It’s even set on 90 minutes for the last two events.

  • 24/1 – 2€20 – Rebuy/Addon – 3K
  • 28/1 – 2€20 – Progressive KO – 5K
  • 30/1 – 2€20 – Freeze Out – 10K
  • 31/1 – 3€30 – 6-Max – 10K
  • 4/2 – 3€30 – 6-Max R&B – 3K
  • 6/2 – 3€30 – Progressive KO – 5K
  • 7/2 – 5€50 – KO – 10K
  • 11/2 – 5€50 – Rebuy/Addon – 3K
  • 13/2 – 5€50 – 6-Max – 5K
  • 14/2 – 5€50 – Progressive KO – 10K
  • 18/2 – 5€50 – Freeze Out – 10K
  • 20/2 – 11€ – Progressive KO – 10K
  • 21/2 – 11€ – Full Ring – 10K

What can be won?

Blood & Honor for yourself and for your club. Even if it’s just us 5 clubs organising the whole thing, that doesn’t mean other clubs are not invited to the party. In the contrary, everyone is more than welcome to join us at the tables.

Apart from this, every event still has his own prize pool thanks to the regular buy-ins. This is all managed at Pokerstars of course. The later in the series, the higher the buy-in gets. And on top of these prize pools we have again something special for our top 25 players of the ranking, they will all receive Live Event poker tickets worth €20 each that can be used in the live Poker Clubs. Just tell us the name of the club of your choice, and the BPPC will make sure your ticket is payed for. The complete Tickets payout works as follows:

  • 1x 17 tickets – €340
  • 1x 12 tickets – €240
  • 1x 9 tickets – €180
  • 1x 7 tickets – €140
  • 1x 5 tickets – €100
  • 5x 4 tickets – €80 (€400)
  • 5x 3 tickets – €60 (€300)
  • 5x 2 tickets – €40 (€200)
  • 5x 1 ticket – €20 (€100)

Yes that’s right, an extra €2.000 divided over the top 25 of the ranking.
If some extra prizes are added by for example Casino Namur or Spa, we will make sure you’ll read all about it right here.

How does the ranking work?

All points you can win in an event stand in relation to the amount of players in the event and the buy-in of the event. For example the winner of an event with 50 players, receives 50 points x the multiplier of the specific buy-in.

  • 2€20 x1
  • 3€30 x1,5
  • 5€50 x2
  • 11€ x3

In case an event of 5€50 is played by 100 players, the winner will receive 200 points. To top things off, we will reward a place on the final table with extra points. Every spot you manage to survive will earn you 5 extra points, so the winner is entitled to 45 points more. This way he or she will go home with 245 points.

If you want to be able to have a look now and then at the ranking, we will post it right here.


How can I participate?

If you want to join the challenge you need to make a onetime donation of  €20 for the project. This money is used to cover the expenses of the ranking payouts and to support the organising clubs where necessary.

bank account number BE69 0689 3525 0078

Up and till 2nd of February you can make the donation, after that the registration is closed. We thank you if you would manage to do this as quickly as possible. The first edition enabled us to buy €1.500 live event tickets from several live poker clubs and to offer Pokahnights, Poker Party, Liège Poker Club and Poker Belgique each a cheque worth €1.570 to help them with their fixed costs, rents and other obligations. Every help is grateful in these difficult Corona times.

After the donation please request for membership in the Home Game club on Stars. When we see your payment coming in, we will accept your request and you will be able to join the events.

Home Game CLUB ID: 3688193

EntryCODE: bppc20be (all small lettres)

We wish everyone a lot of fun and luck during this first edition of the BPPC in the new year 2021.

Still questions?
Don’t hesitate tot contact us.



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