Days of Poker
Beat the Virus

Beat the Virus

Days of Poker
April 23, 2020

When will we finally be rid of this nasty virus? A question we hear every day. The answer is very simple dough: Beat the Virus every day! In real life a very serious and highly important matter, but to take a refreshing brake from it all, Days of Poker is now offering a playful online alternative: Beat the Virus and win a bounty.

Daily € 50 GTD bounty events

From 24th of April until 31st of May we run a Beat the Virus € 50 GTD bounty event every day at 21h15. With a small buy-in of € 5,5 you will see € 3 of it going to the main prize pool and € 2 to the bounty for eliminating… Covid-19. That’s right, (un)fortunately player Covid-19 will be playing every single event and when you beat ‘it’ heads-up in any round you will end up with the bounty on its head. How much that’s worth exactly depends of course on the amount of participants, we start with 5 players registering.

Who’s Covid-19 ?

Every day another team member from Team Days of Poker will be hiding under the skin of Covid-19, but no way in telling who’s playing when. Especially when Esmee, Glenn, Wim and Lovely are backed by Kristof D, Ralf and Kristof C making them almost look like the magnificent seven. Their assignment is very simple, try to win every event to keep the bounty for the Virus and collect as much as possible regular prize money along the way.

  • When – daily from Friday 24-04 till Sunday 31-05
  • Start – 21h15
  • Buy-in – € 5,5
  • Game type – Progressive OFC
  • Prize – 60% payout, 40% bounty

    Wanna go for the big kill?

    Winning a battle doesn’t mean you win the war, right? Collecting one bounty will set back the Virus for just one day, but we all know it will be back for more, and it will certainly – remember the magnificent seven – win some battles of its own. But try to collect as many bounties as you possibly can because when the last event is finished, the player with the most ‘kills’ behind his or her name is allowed to participate in one big last final battle. Here he or she will compete against all 7 Viruses and in this 8-max final all bounties and prize money collected by Covid-19 will be at stake. In case two players have an equal amount of kills, they both qualify for the final, and the weakest Virus team member in terms of collecting euro’s will be banned from the final.

    • When – Monday 01-06
    • Start – 21h15
    • Buy-in – € 0 (only the best Virus killer of the Beat the Virus series can play this final)
    • Game type – Progressive OFC
    • Prize – all bounties and regular prize money collected by Covid-19

    Covid-19 is looking forward to be crushed, stripped, humiliated, destroyed and banned from Days of Poker for ever and ever.

    Are you game?



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