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Road to Paris

Road to Paris

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February 27, 2020

Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, the strict measurements for live clubs and the extended lock-down periods in most countries, we were forced to cancel the complete Road to Paris promotion campaign. Players who already managed to qualify online for a final in the Days of Poker app will be reimbursed accordingly. For the latest information about COVID-19 and what it means for our Circus Poker Club Antwerp, we recommend you read this article.

From April 22nd until April 26th the Road to Paris is at your door. For five days straight it’s possible to qualify for a weekend in Paris with a budget of 1.500 euros. Nope, this is not April Fool’s. Next to some low-stakes qualifiers we also organise a Cheaproll tournament of € 1.

Packages of € 1.500

In the Road to Paris we’ll work towards a final with a package of € 1.500 for the winner. It’s an all-in package for 2 people to visit Paris: there’s € 500 for your accommodation and transport, which leaves you with a budget of € 1.000 Club Circus tickets, free to spend at Club Circus Paris.

And there’s not one, but 3 packages to win! Two you can win live at Circus Poker Club Antwerp, the third one is up for grabs at the online poker app Days of Poker.

Club Circus Paris

In September 2019 Club Circus opened its doors in the French capital. It has become a true pearl with 1.800m2 of space. It’s not only a dream come true for poker players with 10 tables for cash games and 9 extra tables for tournaments. You can also try out every casino game they offer: Punto Banco, Blackjack, Ultimate, Cash games, and so on.

We’d love to send you on an adventure to see how Club Circus Paris is doing. Go and find out for yourself!

Don’t miss out on this video created during the official opening of the Club in March 2020… Good times in Paris, Moulin Circus!

Live qualifiers at Circus Poker Club

From Wednesday April 22nd until Sunday April 26th there are multiple stops at platforms 9, 12 and 15 with destination Paris. Price for a ticket on the train is 20 euros.

The number of the platform equals the number of levels played in that tournament. At the end of the last level you have to make sure you still have some chips left, and that you have enough chips left to qualify for the final on Sunday.

To receive a ticket and go on to the final you have to accumulate a minimal stack. This stack varies depending on the type of tournament. Next to tickets there’s also some prize money, divided based on stack. The player that has the most chips at the end of the day takes a ticket for the final home and a nice cash prize.

Check the calendar here.

Platform 9

The Platform 9 events are on Wednesday April 22nd and Thursday April 23th. The train leaves the station at 8pm sharp. We will stop at 9 stations. The time of arrivel is planned at 1am. After those 9 levels you have to have managed to get your stack up from 50.000 chips to 75.000 chips. When you manage to do that, you get an entry ticket for the final of Sunday. Did you fail? No worries, there are plenty of other ways to get a ticket through one of the other Platform events.

  • Day – Wednesday and Thursday
  • Departure time – 8pm
  • Arrival time – 1am
  • Startstack – 50.000 chips
  • Blind levels – 30 minutes
  • Number of levels – 9
  • Minimum stack – 75.000 chips

Platform 12

Platform 12 are programmed every day in the week of April 22nd until April 25th as the second event of the day. This means the Platform 12 events always start at 10pm. Around 1.15am the event is closed. Whoever still has chips left in game, and managed to get his chips up to 75.000 can come back for the final day on Sunday April 5th. We play 12 levels in total. At the end of level 12, the event is closed.

  • Day – every night as a side event
  • Departure time – 10pm
  • Arrival time – 1.15am
  • Startstack – 50.000 chips
  • Blind levels – 15 minutes
  • Number of levels – 12
  • Minimum stack – 75.000 chips

Platform 15

When you’re ready for the train at platform 15, you’re ready for 15 flashing levels on Friday April 24th and Saturday April 25th. The train leaves at 8pm sharp. Arrival time is foreseen at about 1.30am. In the weekend you will start with 100.000 chips. The goal of the Platform 15 events is to add 50.000 chips to your stack if you want to compete against the other players in the final of Sunday April 26th. Good luck!

  • Day – Friday and Saturday
  • Departure time – 8pm
  • Arrival time – 1.30am
  • Startstack – 100.000 chips
  • Blind levels – 20 minutes
  • Number of levels – 15
  • Minimum stack – 150.000 chips


On Saturday April 25th we organise a Cheaproll at Circus Poker Club. A Cheaproll is a live poker tournament with a buy-in of 1 euro. Main prize: once again 1.500 euros for the winner to spend in Paris! Next to the main prize there’s 1.000 euros of Days of Poker tickets for the top players.

  • Day – Saturday, April 25th
  • Start – 3pm
  • Startstack – 50.000 chips
  • Blind levels – 15 minutes

Reminder: first come, first serve in the cheaproll. Unfortunately we’re not able to create extra seats, full is full. Make sure you’re on time if you want to play!

Payout cheaproll

  • 1st place – Weekend for 2 to Club Circus Paris
  • 2d place – 2x Days of Poker € 100 tournament tickets
  • 3d place – 2x Days of Poker € 50 tournament tickets
  • 4th place – 2x Days of Poker € 50 tournament tickets
  • 5th place – 2x Days of Poker € 50 tournament tickets
  • 6th place – 2x Days of Poker € 25 tournament tickets
  • 7th place – 2x Days of Poker € 25 tournament tickets
  • 8th place – 2x Days of Poker € 25 tournament tickets
  • 9th place – 2x Days of Poker € 25 tournament tickets
  • 10th – 18th place – 2x Days of Poker € 10 tournament tickets
  • 19th – 27th place – 2x Days of Poker € 5 tournament tickets
  • 28th – 36th place – 2x Days of Poker € 2 tournament tickets

Live final Road to Paris

You need one ticket to participate in the final on Sunday April 26th. When you were able to collect more than just one ticket, of course they can be used. Either you gift them to another player, or you can use these extra tickets as a re-entry and/or an add-on. You can use 3 tickets yourself. Tickets can be won in the Platform 9, Platform 12 and Platform 15 events.

Only have one ticket? You can do a re-entry or add-on once for 20 euros.

The prize money for the final is made up as follows: the winner will receive a 1.500 euros package for a weekendtrip to Paris. When there’s extra prize money, it will be divided among the top players.

  • Day – Sunday April 26th
  • Start – 3pm
  • Startstack – 25.000 chips
  • Add-on – 30.000 chips
  • Blind levels – 20 minutes

Full program Road to Paris

Online qualifiers at Days of Poker

Every day we organise events in the Days of Poker app with a buy-in of € 5,50. The winner of a tournament wins a ticket for the final. In that final the winner of the tournament wins the Club Circus Paris package with a value of 1.500 euros.

And by every day we absolutely mean every day. Starting on Wednesday March 4th until Wednesday April 22nd you can play along daily at 8pm. The game format is Regular Open Face Chinese. In total, that means you have 50 chances to win yourself a ticket for the final. On Thursday April 23th at 8pm Days of Poker hosts the Road to Paris final. You can only join in with a ticket!

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