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Chinese poker events in Days of Poker

Chinese poker events in Days of Poker

Days of Poker
November 8, 2019

Days of Poker offers four Chinese Poker game types: Normal and Fast Games, Sit & Go’s and Events. Within these game types there is a clear distinction between the different Chinese poker events.

In general there are four groups of events in our tournament calendar.

  1. Freerolls & Steps
  2. Jack, Queen & King events
  3. Ace Events
  4. Specials

Each of these categories has its own specifications and is indicated with a different symbol in the Days of Poker app. Continue reading for an extensive explanation per category.

Chinese Poker Freerolls & Steps

In the Freeroll & Step tournaments the prize pool will almost consist of one or more tickets. Freerolls are, as the name indicates, completely free to enter. There is no buy-in. In the Step events you pay a small amount to participate. When you are in the money you win a ticket for a tournament with a bigger buy-in.

Example: Step event pay-out

In most cases you can deduce which tickets you can win by reading the names of the events. A “Step € 215 Ticket” with a buy-in of € 22 will send the winner home with a ticket that has a value of € 215. This specific tournament will only start when 11 or more players are subscribed. If there are exactly 11 players, only the winner will win a ticket. When more than 11 players but less than 22 players have subscribed, the second one will also be itm. There will be one ticket extra in the prize pool per tranche of 11 players.

Jack, Queen & King Events

You can recognize the Jack, Queen & King events by the icons that represent a Jack, Queen and King. These events are all Regular Open Face Chinese poker games, available in Days of Poker. The difference between these 3 is purely the buy-in.

Jack Events are the cheapest tournaments. The buy-ins for these events start at € 2,20 and go up til € 11. The Queen events have a minimum buy-in of € 22 and a maximum buy-in of € 55. The King Events are for our true highrollers with buy-ins of 109 euro and up.

Chinese Poker Ace Events

The Ace Events earned their name because these are always Progressive Open Face Chinese Poker events. The buy-ins for these poker tournaments are different from each other. Ace Events can be played from € 5 to € 55. Days of Poker has something for everyone.

Chinese Poker Special Events

Sometimes there are Poker Events that don’t match any of the above 3 categories. From time to time we will program Special Events where it’s possible to win event specific tickets, for example. Or Events where you don’t win money but a material prize. The possibillities are endless.

No worries, this kind of Special Event is always communicated beforehand. All channels that we have will be put to use to make sure everyone is up to date. You’ll read about it on the Days of Poker blog, via our Facebook page of Days of Poker and of course in the Days of Poker app itself.

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Coins play

Next to the real money play in Days of Poker, the coins play will not cease to exist. This coin play is always playable.

In the Coins play section of the app you can also find all kinds of events. Here you can always earn a few extra coins if you’re short on Coins. Nice if you want to practice a little before you start playing for real money.

Real money play

You can find a lot of info about real money play in the Chinese poker app. Via the Days of Poker blog you will stay up to date about all news. Go to the general real money play blog for an overview with all the updates.

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