Days of Poker
Open Face Chinese Poker app in a nutshell

Open Face Chinese Poker app in a nutshell

Days of Poker
July 15, 2019

Discover the biggest OFC online poker app in the world. Days of Poker offers challenging OFC poker games in different game formats. The free app is available for download, you can start playing with play money immediately. Start your Days of Poker career today.

Challenging poker games in a modern jacket

If you like games and enjoy online poker Days of Poker is a perfect iOs or Android app for you. In Days of Poker you can play different poker cardgames. There are 6 Open Face Chinese Poker variations. All games are completely free to play. On top you’ll enjoy a beautifully designed app.

Create your account for free and discover OFC poker

If you are familiar with Open Face Chinese poker in general then you have absolutely no reason to not download the Days of Poker online poker app. But also when you’re used to only playing Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker on online poker websites like Unibet or Pokerstars getting to know Open Face Chinese poker is highly recommended. A decent Texas Hold’em poker base comes in handy but is definitely not necessary.

Learn to play OFC poker in less than 15 minutes

On this website you can find all rules of the games of the different poker variations. We took our time to write all the rules down. Our recommendation is to start with the regular OFC poker variation, because this is the most simple to understand. As soon as you’ve got the hang of this variant, you’re ready to discover the others. In total there are 6 different online poker variations in the free Days of Poker app. Next to the regular Open Face Chinese poker there’s also Low Open Face Chinese poker and Progressive Open Face Chinese Poker. These available variations can be played with or without Wildcards. When you play online poker with Wildcards one of the playing cards can be used as a card of your choice. Of course this is explained in detail in our online poker rules.

Thousands of OFC ambassadors

Days of Poker has chosen to specialise in Open Face Chinese poker. Even though this is a niche in poker and online poker thousands of players have already downloaded the iOs or Android app and made a free account. What the most decisive reason will be for you to become a Days of Poker ambassador we’ll leave up to you. Here are 3 excellent arguments for you and your friends to join the Days of Poker club.

A wide array of online poker variants

In the Days of Poker Open Face Chinese Poker app you get to choose 6 different OFC poker variations. On top of that we offer all variations in different game types. Whether you like fast or slow ring games, sit & go’s or poker tournaments, Days of Poker has it all. For free and at every time of day, 365 days a year.

More than just online OFC poker

The Days of Poker app doesn’t just have a wide range of online poker. There’s also a decent framework and some fun extras. You can challenge other players in an OFC challenge. Or you can try to collect as much milestones as possible in different categories. For every milestone you get you receive Days of Poker coins. That way there’s more action for you in the app. In Days of Poker coins are of utmost importance. Every month you’ll be paid in coins. The better your game, the more Days of Poker coins you’ll receive on your PayDay. This is a fresh concept explored by Optoria Entertainment, the developer of the Days of Poker app.

User-friendly with an eye for graphic design

The graphic designers of Days of Poker have spent quite some time making fun images because online poker is fun to play. It doesn’t always have to be the same when it comes to webdesign, we like the uniqueness of Days of Poker.

Apart from the modern graphic design we’ve incorporated in the Best OFC Poker app, during development a lot of attention has been spent on user-friendliness. The entire app is built using the Material Design guidelines from Google.

We will start your online poker career

As said before, all information about OFC poker and the rules of Open Face Chinese poker can be found on our website. But there’s more, we’ve even collected the most important information in a series of e-books. These OFC e-books are free to download on our website and definitely worth a read. We have combined essential information about online poker, tips and tricks and a lot of examples. You should give yourself some time to become a better OFC poker player. Before you know it you’ll score your first OFC poker line on Hendon Mob, or get to give an interview for poker Bluff magazine.

If you have more questions for us about the rules or other aspects about playing online poker in the Days of Poker app, don’t hesitate to contact us through our social media page. Our poker team is always ready to help. We hope you’ll enjoy playing free poker thanks to Days of Poker. Our app is available for iOs and Android, so feel free to give it a go. Go to the Apple app store or Google Play store and start playing. We can’t wait to see you at the Days of Poker poker tables!