Days of Poker
B+ License in the pocket

B+ License in the pocket

Days of Poker
October 4, 2019

Late September 2019 Days of Poker officially obtained a license from the Belgian Gaming Commission. From now on Days of Poker can be called a licensed operator for e-games with a B+ License. This means we can now offer Real Money games in the Days of Poker app.

2016, baby steps

In 2016 it was the team of Pokahnights who came up with the idea of the Days of Poker app. Realising the rising popularity of the OFC poker game they decided to build a premium Days of Poker app by themselves. The apps available on the market just didn’t cut it enough they believed.

2017, release of the first version

The first version of the app was released in the summer of 2017 in the App Store and Play Store. Back then it was only a basic Play Money version so different features could be properly tested. Is the app appealing enough? Do players want to play the game on their mobiles? Is the app stable? Do we continue to push for new game types? We tested everything thoroughly.

In the fall of 2017 Ardent Group, the group behind and several international casinos, picked up the app and the game as well. Together with a group of investors everybody was thinking about a new project with license this time. Clearly the app and the project were becoming too big for the Pokahnights team so in 2018 the app was handed over to Concept Booth, a creative concept and marketing company in Antwerp.

2018, preparations for real money distribution

Concept Booth BVBA immediately realised Days of Poker 2.0 in 2018. A remake of the existing app, while also adding some new elements such as the Payday section. We also offered Freeroll event contests with attractive prizes. All was done in the perspective of becoming an official Belgian operator for e-games. So late 2018 Concept Booth finally decided to transfer the Days of Poker app to a brand new company, Optoria Entertainment. Optoria was founded together with the Ardent Group and the group of investors.

2019, B+ license in the pocket

A team of more than 10 people have worked on the release of the real money version of the Days of Poker app since the beginning of the year. Not only technically, but also conceptually, legally and commercially we needed to tackle different dossiers.

4 years of hard work was finally awarded with the granting of a B+ License late September 2019 allowing Days of Poker to offer online OFC Poker for real money. We would like to thank the Belgian Gaming Commission for their work for and support of the project. We are all aiming for the same objective: to create a safe and appealing environment to play OFC Poker. Days of Poker has become a Belgian project one can be proud about. There aren’t a lot of companies around that get to start from 0 and end up with a licensed project in the e-games sector.

Real Money Release

As we speak the last few technical details are being tested before release. Our main concern is that our connection with the EPIS database is fully secured. That way gamers can play in an environment that is 100% safe and regulated. Next to that we are integrating with HiPay. HiPay is our well known partner that will handle all payments in the Days of Poker app.

We expect the Real Money version of the Day of Poker app to be released in the second half of October 2019. Next up we will play the first Real Money events in the app!


Big thanks for this B+ License

Bringing a project like Days of Poker to a good end is not something that comes overnight like you just read. Dozens of people and companies are involved. We owe them a lot, so there’s no better way than to say thank you right here for their dedication and hard work.

However, the most important stakeholders are the… players! Without so many positive reactions and enthusiasm none of this would have been possible. In the recent years you all played more than 5.000.000 OFC poker hands in the play money version of the app, especially in the normal games and the event. We all hope to see you back in the Real Money version of the Days of Poker app.