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Team DoP KickOff Event

Team DoP KickOff Event

Circus Poker
November 8, 2019

On November 16th, 2019 we organise a Kick-Off day for the Days of Poker Team at Circus Poker Club. The entire day the spotlight will be on Days of Poker and the new Team. Next to workshops and BPC Qualifiers we will host a Texas Hold’em Kick-Off event with a prize pool of € 5.000! Come join the Team Days of Poker KickOff Event!

Concept Team DoP KickOff Event

Days of Poker and Open Face Chinese,Poker is new for a lot of players. On November 16th we welcome everybody at Circus Poker Club. All the questions you have can be asked then. It is our intention that after November 16 you are completely up to date about everything that will happen for Days of Poker.

Team DoP BPC 2019

Team Days of Poker KickOff Event – €5.000

We never forget to organise a little party. To celebrate the release of Days of Poker we host a Team Days of Poker KickOff event with a prize pool that is super yummy. We want to make sure that with this event the online activity in Days of Poker is starting up. That is why we decided to make this KickOff event invitational only. Everyone that buys a bullet on November 16th for one out of 3 Online Team DoP BPC Qualifiers (€ 109) gets one bullet for the KickOff event for free. If you choose to buy 2 bullets at once, you’ll also get a re-entry ticket in the KickOff event. In the Club in Antwerp we are limited to € 20 events. All players can do an addon for €20 as this is the maximum allowed buy-in in the club.

Event Specifications

  • Invitational, no direct buy-in possible – November 16 – 7pm
  • 25.000 StartStack and levels of 20 minutes
  • 1 Rebuy and/or Addon (30.000) up until level 8, Addon end level 8. Addons are €20, re-entries cannot be bought, players get a re-entry ticket if they buy more BPC Final tickets in the app. Maximum 1 re-entry per player.
  • Texas Holdem

Payout Team DoP KickOff Event

All players will receive a prize. Yep, it’s a party for everyone! The prizes are paid in the Days of Poker account. You can cash out the prize money without any conditions.

  • 01. €1.000
  • 02. €750
  • 03. €550
  • 04. €400
  • 05. €300
  • 06. €300
  • 07. €250
  • 08. €250
  • 09. €250
  • 10 – 13. €150
  • 14 – 18. €100
  • 19 – 27. > BPC Cooldown DoP Ticket

Every participant receives 3x €5 BPC Ticket to participate in the steps for the BPC in the Days of Poker app.

BPC 2019 Qualifiers

At 5pm we will warm up with a Turbo Qualifier to the BPC Qualifiers in the app. For every 6 players an extra BPC Qualifier ticket with a value of € 109 is added to the prize pool. At 10pm we will host another BPC Qualifier. All Qualifiers at Circus Poker Club are Texas Hold’em Qualifiers. Up til the end of November 2019 you’ll have time to work on your OFC Poker skills.

Remember that you can gift tickets to friends in the Days of Poker app. So in case you win a fourth or fifth ticket, no worries. You can make your friends happy without a great deal of red tape. The tickets are added to your account. You can gift them to whoever you want.

OFC Poker WorkShops

Starting at 3pm we organise OFC WorkShops at our location. We want to give all players the opportunity to get to know Open Face Chinese Poker. You’ll get a lot of information about the game and the different variations. We will give the workshop in small groups to make sure that you can ask as many questions as you want. During the workShop there is an Open Bar. All drinks between 3pm and 5pm are on the house. Thanks Days of Poker! To us, this looks like the perfect opportunity to welcome Days of Poker and OFC Poker in your life.

In conclusion… Days of Poker and Circus Poker Club Antwerp have put together a very fun day full of poker. We look forward to welcome a lot of friendly faces in the KickOff Event. That way, this 100% purely Belgian new online poker project gets a nice headstart.

Because there is a maximum of 120 seats available, we would like to ask you to reserve your seat in advance. Reserve a seat by mailing with the names of the players that wish to join.

Win your BPC 2019 Package - Days of Poker

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