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Big opening Circus Poker Club Antwerp

Big opening Circus Poker Club Antwerp

Circus Poker
September 9, 2019

On 13, 14 and 15 September 2019 we host a big official Circus Poker Club Antwerp opening weekend. Together with Circus we’ll organise a weekend filled with poker fun, a Million Madness tournament, juicy extras in the prize pool and lots more.

Open door format

The doors of Circus Poker Club Antwerp will be open the entire weekend, ready to accomodate every player that wants to play poker. We’re measuring the enthusiasm for the Sportify Max concept at this point. This is why the membership formules are currently on hold. To play along with one of our tournaments in Circus Poker Club Antwerp, there are no obligations. The only thing you’ll need is a member card so we can check if you’re a member of our club. The first time you visit, we’ll create a personal member card, be sure not to lose it.

Program Circus Poker Club Antwerp opening weekend

  • Friday september 13 | Freeze out (20h) | Turbo (22h)
  • Saturday september 14 | Million Madness (17h) | Deepstack (20h30) | Turbo (22h30)
  • Sunday september 15 | Million Boost (15h) | Deepstack (18h) | Turbo (20h30)

For the Million events there is 3 hours of late registration. On Saturday you can join the Million Madness until 20u. On Sunday the registration period for the Million Boost is until 18 o’clock. For all other events there is 1.5 hours registration time. Check out the entire calendar for Circus Poker Club Antwerp right here.

Million Billion Trillion

In both Million events poker players start with one million chips. That may seem impossible, but we fix it. By playing with so many chips and making sure that the tournament structure is comfortable to play with, these types of events are always real winners.

During the Million Madness the blind levels will last 20 minutes. In the Million Boost they will be 15 minutes. Because of this structure it’s possible to have winners for both tournaments on the same day without sacrificing fun.

Create your Circus account!

Circus made the new Circus Poker Club in Antwerp possible. That’s why of course, we would like you to create your Circus account if you’re interested. When you would like to create an account, there are 2 different options.

There are 2 options to create your account:

  1. You create a Circus account in our club. Spin a digital roulette with bonusses up til 100 euros.
  2. You create your Circus account through this link.

Added value

Circus and Pokahnights have a fun incentive for this opening weekend!

Club Circus Paris - Oktoberfest3 tickets for Oktoberfest

In October 2019 Circus Poker organises Oktoberfest. In the Main Events of the opening weekend we will give away 3 tickets on top of the normal prize pool! The three start days of Oktoberfest are 13, 14 and 15 October. A ticket is worth € 335. The winners of the Freeze Out and Million events will go home with a nice extra.

Club Circus Paris - Sportify Poker2 full packages Sportify Max

On Saturday and Sunday as a Side Event we organise a Deepstack. The winners of those Deepstack tournaments will receive a full package for Sportify Max. Sportify Max will start in October at Circus Poker Club Antwerp! Don’t miss this opportunity…

Club Circus Paris - RouletteRoulette

On Saturday Circus is in the room to operate a roulette table. All players will get the possibility to participate for free. There are hundreds of euros of Circus play money for the winners! If you want to experience a free casino events, join us on Saturday in your favourite Circus Poker club in Antwerp.

Sportify Max

The doors of the Circus Poker Club Antwerp have opened since mid July 2019. We’re now one month and a half into the new concept and the club is slowly but steadily starting to feel like our new home. In the beginning of the opening a lot of players were hesitant. After the introduction of the Sportify Max concept, the hesitance has made room for a bunch of enthusiasm. It’s great to receive this kind of reaction after turbulent months. Nice to feel that the poker community is looking forward to this new chapter.